Cardi B sticking her tongue out

The shocking reason why Cardi B doesn't wear any accessories!

The 'WAP' star doesn't need accessories to shine on screen! The American rapper loves to spend her millions on makeup and outfits but hardly spends any bucks on jewelry items. Why does she do that? Her makeup artist, Kollin Carter has told the truth. Scroll down to find out!

  • The 28-year-old artist spends up to $200 on her ornate nails but doesn't buy any accessories.
  • For her 27th birthday, she got 100-carat ring worth $4 million which is an exception to her not wearing jewels
  • Kollin Carter started working with the singer in 2017.

We have seen her in extravagant outfits and fancy nails, but she hardly appears wearing any accessories. Do you know the actual reason behind it? Her makeup artist revealed some interesting facts about it, and we are surprised to know them.

Cardi B styled up without any jewelry

Carter mentioned,

Cardi's not big on accessories. She feels like things are on her. Because she's such a big personality, I sometimes think she feels like adding anything, any other accent, can just come off as a lot

We absolutely agree with him! Her style is enough to stun people.

Cardi B posing for the camera

Carter further talked about her style and mentioned that she doesn't feel comfortable while wearing rings. 

It's mainly rings, though. Her fingers are really, really small, so they flip, or they're uncomfortable.

Well, wearing rings is a struggle for the most. Especially when the size is not right. So why get into trouble, when you can slay without them?

Cardi B smiling for fans

And guess what? She knows how to compensate for the accessories. Her makeup artist said:

Her hair is always interesting -- it's either super long or colored -- [and] her nails themselves are accessories, so sometimes it's like less is more with her. But sometimes, I'm like, let's gaud it up

We don't call her style queen for no reason. Even though she doesn't wear fancy rings and extra-long earrings but balances it well with her unique and long nail designs. Isn't that amazing? 

Cardi B slaying with minimal accessories

Well, people like us who thinks that wearing accessories is a hassle really need to learn Cardi B's fashion tip. Do you want to see some of her amazing nail arts? Check them out here.

Cardi B p posing for the camera

Like us, do you also avoid styling with big jewelry pieces? How do you compensate for it? We like to follow Cardi's fashion tips. But let us know your ways in the comments below!


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