The secrets behind Adele's divorce

The secrets behind Adele's divorce

The news of Adele and Simon Konecki's divorce was a huge scandal and after a long investigation, we have many secrets to reveal to you. Read on to find more about one of the biggest separations of the decade! 

  • Simon Koencki and Adele met in 2011 thanks to a mutual friend, Ed Sheeran.
  • The divorce of the British singer and the businessman began in 2019.
  • Adele kept her maiden name, Adkins, during her marriage. 
  • Apparently Alex Sturrock, a photographer for The Guardian newspaper, had a secret relationship with Adele for two years.

Who is Simon Konecki?

Simon Konecki is a philanthropist.

Simon Konecki was born in New York in April 1974 and is 14 years older than Adele. The businessman comes from a prestigious family and was educated at the aristocratic Eton College in the UK. The philanthropist is a co-founder of the organic bottled water firm called Life Water and the CEO of Drop4Drop, an association created to create alternatives to drinking water in resource-poor countries.

Simon Konecki and Adele were married for two years. Source: (Getty)

The Adele former husband's foundation has created local plans and educated communities in India, Zambia, Nicaragua, Haiti, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

Life Water and Drop4drop partnership in India, 2012.

Before beginning his romance with the "Someone like you" interpreter, Simon was married for four years with the stylist Clari Fisher, with whom he had his first daughter. The marriage ended in 2008 when they filed for divorce. 

The chronology of Adele and Simon's slip:

Adele had never lived with a boyfriend before Simon Konecki. Source: (Getty)

Ed Sheeran introduced Adele and Simón Konecki in 2011, and the crush was imminent.
Rumors of the romance were circulating in 2012 when the couple caught the attention of the press.  In June 2012 the British singer had announced her pregnancy and in October, they welcomed Angelo, Adele's first son and the second of the businessman.

Adele, Angelo, and Simon Konecki.

In the spring of 2016, Adele made a post on Instagram that began to raise suspicions. Many fans wondered if the composer was in a new relationship.

In 2017, when Angelo was five months old, Simon Konecki and Adele secretly decided to get married. The “Rolling in the Deep” interpreter was 24 years. 

Adele and Simon Konecki at 2017 Grammys. Source: (Getty)

At the 2017 Grammys ceremony, Adele dedicated her five awards to Simon, referring to him as her husband. In April 2019, Adele's representatives announced the separation of the singer and Konecki, revealing that their relationship wasn't working. The divorce began in September.

  Adele dedicated "Water under the bridge" to Simon Konecki. 

Adele quit smoking and started a healthier life in 2015, However, after announcing her divorce, the singer began a drastic exercise routine that led to an incredible transformation!

Adele's before and after! 

It was October 2019 and the British newspaper The Sun claimed that Adele was dating the rapper Skepta.

“Adele and Skepta have been there for each other a lot after both their relationships split up”

Skepta and Adele grew up in Tottenham, London.

In March 2020 Adele and Simon secretly met to agree on the details of their divorce. But in October,  while People, Elle, and others magazines claimed that Adele had a secret relationship with Skepta, the singer spoke after her presentation on "SNL" to confirm her relationship status: she was single.

“I'm going back to my cave now to be the (single) cat Lady that I am. Peace out”


January 2021. US Weekly revealed that after a year of disputes and lawyers, the former couple finally reached an agreement with the documentation to end Adele and Simon Konecki's marriage. The former couple agreed to split a $190 million fortune equally.

Adele will share custody of her son with Simon Kornecki. 

Adele and Simon are aware their son Angelo should be protected and that's why the composer has agreed not to sing about their eight-year relationship.

Despite negotiating a big part of her fortune to enjoy her time, the singer is at her best and we are looking forward to the new album where Adele promises to reinvent herself. Do you think the singer will dedicate a song to her ex? Please leave your comments!

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