The secret story behind Cardi B and Offset's relationship The secret story behind Cardi B and Offset's relationship

The secret story behind Cardi B and Offset's relationship

From posting intimate pictures by accident, to a Rolls-Royce supercar as a birthday gift and public fighting, this couple has had everything in the middle. Check out this following article to see everything this musician family has been through their love life. 

  • The couple met somewhere in 2016 in a music event where Offset was "very insisting", according to Cardi.
  • After dating a couple of times, they released a song called "Lick in 2017", coincidence? 
  • Cardi opened up in 2017 about dating Offset, and they became of the most followed couples in the world. 
  • Their crazy lifestyle, luxury gifts and provocative pictures made the headlines over the last 3 years. 
Cardi B and Offset when they started dating. Source: Getty

Close sources confess that Offset was actually in love of Cardi before even meeting her. As a rising musician with his group "Migos", he asked his manager to do whatever he can to put him in the same event as her.

The curves, thick accent and economic success was what the rapper of "Migos" was looking for. When he got the chance, he was so insisting that managed to get her under his sleeve.

They have incredible chemistry, both in and outside the bedroom

She denied dating with him but then opened up the 2017 MTV Music Awards about her wish of getting married and having children despite being a "gangster". 

Their marriage in September 2020 was so secret, nobody found out, even their close friends. They did a private ceremony in Fulton County, Georgia and the fans found out 6 months later in June 2020. Why? It was recently revealed that they did everything as a Marketing campaign to promote themselves on social media, and it worked!

They managed to promote themselves on social media geniously. Source: Getty

They gained millions of followers. This year happened the same, because Cardi filed for divorce, and then they were seen together in Las Vegas celebrating her wild birthday party.

Now, they are official back together and despite what the theories might suggest, the happiest with this situation is their 2-year-daughter Kulture who is certainly happy of being the middle in the bed sandwich at night. 

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