Blackpink's Rose and BTS's Jimin looking at each other! Blackpink's Rose and BTS's Jimin looking at each other!

The secret love story between Park Jimin and Roseanne Park!

The 25-year-old singer is a member of the worldwide famous boy band, BTS. Rose, the 23-year-old singer is a member of the female band, Blackpink. Both the K-pop artists' are extremely talented and have aced their solo music careers. They are not only famous in Korea, but have made their mark in the United States music industry as well. Army and Blinks want them to get romantically involved with each other. Read below to find out the romantic chemistry between them!  

  • The BTS boy has a net worth of $20 million and Blackpink's girl's net worth is $7 million.
  • Rose is the tallest member of her group with her height of 5'6", while Jimin is the shortest member of his band standing 5'8" tall.
  • Their admirers ship them as 'Rosemin'. 
The K-pop stars, Jimin and Rose.

Jimin and Rose have earned more success after their recent songs, 'Dynamite', and 'Ice cream'. Both the K-pop idols are infinitely loyal to their bands and their teammates. They have won millions of hearts of the Blinks and Army with their outstanding music skills and powerful vocals.

The most adorable thing about the young singers is that they are full of energy when they perform live. We are sure that these two stars will make a perfect couple and will reach new heights together in the United States music industry. 

The brilliant singer, Jimin has always dreamt of marrying a girl who is caring, loving, and has a golden heart with a  soulful voice. Rose, the stunning vocalist  is just like BTS singer's ideal type. She is polite and is a phenomenal musician.

The K-pop stars, Rose and Jimin.

The most common thing is that their fashion choices are bold yet simple and trendy. Both of them have humble and down-to-earth personalities. 

Fans desire to see the king and queen of high notes as a couple. But, in reality, the duo is not together. If they become passionate lovers, do you think they will be the best match in the K-pop world?

Watch the mashup of Dynamite and Ice cream below!

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