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The secret bond between Cardi B and BTS

This news just shook the music industry. The WAP singer loves to explore different cultures and talents, and apparently she is the biggest 'Army' member! With her husband Offset they met the band in 2019 at the Billboard Music Awards and the chemistry was pure gold. How did Cardi became a fan? Scroll down to find out the relationship between them!

  • The rapper has a net worth of $24 million while BTS has an estimated net worth of $450 million. 
  • Jin, the eldest member of the group and Bacardi are of the same age, 28 years.
  • BTS got two number ones on Billboard Hot 100 in 2020 while she got her fourth number one with 'WAP'.


Cardi B and BTS

Bacardi got to know about BTS' influence through Twitter where she saw the fans going crazy over them. As she got to know about themshe couldn't resist falling for their cuteness. Well, who can?

Cardi B at the red carpet of Fashion Nova Event

Upon knowing about them, she looked up their videos on the internet and even read the translations as she couldn't understand Korean. It's highly impressive that she actually put in the effort to know them!

Cardi B during Bacardi presentation

When she was asked about a collaboration, the 5'3" tall rapper replied,

Of course I want to collaborate. They are so cute.

Yes they are! And we would love to see the boys and her working together.

Bacardi's repost on Twitter 

The band even posted their picture with the American star and her husband, Offset, they took at the Billboard Music Awards. In reply to that, she reposted the photo with the sweetest message for them. Can they not collaborate already? Because we just can't wait!

Cardi B posing for the camera

Not only this, the American star hummed along BTS' song Boy with Luv in her Instagram live. Well, we can already imagine them rocking the stage. It would surely be a killer combination!

Cardi B posted a meme about BTS

After getting to know about the members properly, she posted a hilarious meme about the rappers of the group and made us laugh out loud!

This made it confirm that she has entered into the ARMY (BTS fandom) *chuckles*. We love that she acknowledged their talent and did not discriminate at all.

BTS and Cardi B

The K-pop band also respect her as they showed excitement towards collaborating with her. They even danced to her song 'Finesse' in Jimmy's carpool karaoke. Also, the second youngest member, V posted a video of him singing along to Cardi B's 'Money' at the Grammy Awards in 2018. Seems like the boys are her fans too!

Cardi B with silver hair

We are loving this kind of relationship between western and Asian artists. Looking forward to their more encounters in future. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below and check out the cute interaction between them!


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