Billie Eilish is worried

The reasons behind Billie Eilish' childhood trauma

Sometimes, your fears are your greatest virtues. The pop singer had an eccentric and almost funny trauma when she was a little girl. Billie was afraid of the famous rapper 'Childish Gambino'  who is now one of her favorite ones. Discover the reasons of this unbelievable trauma watching the video below!

  • Billie is 19 years old, and she was surrounded by music since she was a kid. 
  • She has an estimated net worth of $30 million. 
  • Her brother, Finneas, is a musical artist too, and her parents are actors and amateur musicians.
  • The singer was afraid of Eminem, and she considers Childish Gambino as a God. 

The Fear

Singer Billie Eilish

Once in an interview in The Noisey Questionnaire of Life with Vice, Billie was talking about her favorite artists, and she confessed that when she was little, she was terrified about Eminem, but she loves Childish Gambino

Billie Eilish

I was afraid of him all my life, he scared me, he scared me a lot,” the singer explained and then added that nowadays she loves him and his music was the one who created her.

The reasons

Billie Eilish. Source: Getty Images

We don't know the exact reasons about this almost irrational fear, but we consider that maybe they are linked to the looks that most of the rappers have. They look like bad guys and kids tend to be afraid of that dark and rebel style. 


Billie Eilish with green and black hair

It's funny to think about Billie feeling fear of someone because her style isn't the most naive one. Sometimes even we got scared from her dark music videos, and for sure some kids may be afraid of her too.

Billie for Variety

Did you ever feel fear of some of her videos? This is the scariest video she has for us:

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