The new movie about 6ix9ine the rapper reveals his secrets

People all over the world are interested in the yet short music career Tekashi 6ix9ine has built. However, there are lots of fans who want to know more about Daniel Hernandez' life. There is where Vikram Gandhi appears. Scroll down to learn all the details about the new documentary!

  • Tekashi 6ix9ine seems to have vanished from the Earth, however, people are still interested in the rapper's life.
  • 'Kumare' creator has always been in the New York film industry.
  • The award-winning narrative and documentary films' director, Vikram Gandhi, is in charge of 6ix9ine's movie.
Tekashi 6ix9ine. Source: Vulture

The documentary will be about the controversial life of New York rapper, since he simply was Danny Hernandez from Brooklyn, until rainbow rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine. The director, Vikram Gandhi, covered his whole-short story.

Vikram Gandhi, the director. Source: New York Times

Gandhi has always been fascinated by stars' life; what they show in the very surface and what relies on underneath that cover, their true self. 6ix9ine is the perfect example of what social media entails, 'Tutu' singer seems to be a complete different person, an image, a cover, a created-imaginary-self.

Tekashi 6ix9ine, before rainbow hair

The controversial rapper has 15 million followers on his official Instagram account, and that is quite a lot of people looking and always checking on what you are doing. The moment Gandhi decided to investigate the young boy's life to make this incredible documentary was in the precise moment when the rapper was having serious issued with the FBI since he was just about to be convicted to 47 years in prison.

Tekashi 6ix9ine in court. Source: New York Times

(Un)Fortunately, that sentence was significantly reduced to two years after snitching on his former gang 'New York Tray Blood' gang. As the investigative journalist said, tracking back on Tekashi's steps was an incredible task. The resourceful specialist was raised in the same neighborhood, and knew where he was getting into; he sat down with people who knew the rainbow rapper when he was just Daniel, he was told stories, old jokes, details about his ordinary life.

Daniel Hernandez today. Source: Majestic Vue

Gandhi's words were excellent for all of us to understand the young rapper's life, he said, '...Danny Hernandez wanted to be famous so badly that he was devoured by his digital avatar, Tekashi69.' Don't forget to watch the documentary tonight on Hulu to discover all the things this incredible director has found out abur 6ix9ine! Meanwhile, watch the trailer below!

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