Cardi B's song WAP goes viral in dance challenge.

The most viral TikTok dance video of 2020 about Cardi B

As 2020 comes to an end let's go back to the fun events of a special year were social media platforms were extremely used. TikTok became one of the most used platforms through their 15-second dance challenges. In times of social distancing these dances emerged as a way to entertain us and connect with people all around the world. The choreographer Brian Esperon from Guam never thought in a million years his choreography of Cardi B's WAP would become one of the greatest viral challenges ever in TikTok history. Check out the story of its creator and Cardi's reaction.

  • TikTok is owned by the Chinese company Bytedance CEO and founder Zhang Yiming.
  • Reuters claims investors of Bytedance value TikTok at $50 billion.
  • Cardi B's song WAP was released on August 7th, 2020.
  • As of September 2020 the #WAP dance challenge registered 1.5 billion views.
  • The creator of the dance is a 28-year-old choreographer Brian Esperon from Guam Island.
Cardi B's WAP goes viral in TikTok. Source: Getty Images.

The Chinese tech company created by Bytedance has 100 million users in the US alone. According to Business insider it is considered one of the most popular social platforms by teenagers AKA Generation Z. This video-sharing app was first launched in 2016 and allows its users to watch, create and share 15-second videos. Hence, its name TikTok for the sound the clock makes in reference to the short format of its videos.

The dance

Brian Esperon is a choreographer who has worked hard to get recognition. Born in Guam an island owned by the US in the Northern Pacific Ocean. Hours after Cardi's song WAP hit the scene he was working on the moves which he would create and share in the video-sharing app. The following day it had become viral even getting the attention of Cardi B. It was then that celebrities such as famous TikTok users like Charlie D'Amelio and others began the #WAP dance challenge taking it to another level.

Cardi's reaction

Cardi B's surprised by WAP challenge. Source: Getty Images.

Back in August 2020, Cardi tweeted

'My back hurt watching it. Let me try it.'

This was followed by her Instagram live trying to do the steps.  Some took it so far that they even got injured trying out the expert moves. The rapper had to send a message to fans asking them to take care when trying out the dance steps. Watch some injuries this extreme dance caused here.



Whether you tried it yourself or enjoyed watching a friend trying out the moves it became part of our 2020 memories. Take a look at some funny compilations of this year as a tribute to this #challenge. Click here.

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