Smiling JLo at the beach

The most revealing pictures of Jennifer Lopez in Turks and Caicos

51-year-old Jennifer Lopez revealed her famous attributes as she slips into a tiny white bikini in Turks and Caicos. Didn't you see the photos yet? Scroll down and don't miss a single detail! 

  • A-Rod's fiancée took some days off and went to Turks and Caicos.
  • The mother of two showef off her toned abs and incredible back.
  • That tiny ivory bikini left nothing to the imagination.  
JLo in the tiny white bikini. Source: Daily Mail UK

The multi-hyphenate star went to Turks and Caicos to spend her holidays with her whole family. What happened? Hollywood's Latin diva showed up at the beach wearing a super tiny ivory bikini that left nothing to the imagination! 

JLo's toned legs. Source: Daily Mail UK

The result? We simply can't believe she is 51 years old and looks that great! Look at those abs! It's absolutely incredible how fantastic a person looks when training hard. Just like JLo. A-Rod's wife-to-be has proven that working hard and exercising the body pays off.

JLo's perfect abs. Source: Daily Mail UK

The barely-there look was what people were all talking about. The bikini was so tiny that her generous body was mostly revealed. JLo's toned and perfectly tanned legs as well as her widely-known derrière were a pleasure to see. 

JLo at the beach. Source: Daily Mail UK

The complete perfect JLo beach look consisted of a super tiny bikini arranged over her cleavage together with Bronx-style hoop earrings and matching white sunglasses. When getting to the chair and sunshade area, after getting into the sea, the Hollywood diva wore a huge hat to cover her face from the sun. 

JLo's total look. Source: Daily Mail UK

The Hustler's actress went to the beach with no makeup whatsoever. When enjoying the sun and the two-times Grammy nominee wants to relax and spend some free time, she is just like when at home. 

The Bronx derriere everyone is talking about

Here at Yaay we all hope to get at JLo's age looking as fantastic as she looks. With exactly that same spirit to keep training super hard and wearing such a tiny bikini, most people in their 20s wouldn't even dare to! 

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