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The most incredible musician stories that will inspire you!

Beyond music, the stories of how many artists achieved fame after so many failures are the ones that really caught us. For some, the road to fame and fortune became more complicated than for others. However, their will to succeed led them to become the superstars that they are today. Read on to be inspired by the life of singers like Elvis, Katy Perry, Madonna and Bad Bunny.

  • Katy Perry recorded three albums before reaching stardom.
  • Rigo Starr joined The Beatles when their drummer quit because he didn't believe in them.

Elvis Presley was a truck driver

Elvis Presley, the king of Rock & roll. Source: (Getty)

In 1954 Presley was trying to shock audiences with his original style, but he wasn't immediately accepted. Elvis got a job as a truck driver to survive, but in 1955 his efforts paid off and the rest of the story can be told by itself.

Madonna went to New York with $35 in her pocket

Madonna came to New York in her early 20s. In 1978, the young woman left Michigan to begin her musical career in the Big Apple and had to work as a waitress because she didn't have any money left. She worked long shifts and even had the courage to start singing in small venues for food and drinks. One day, she reached the ears of Mark Kamins and Reggie Lucas, music producer who helped the queen to reach stardom.

Katty Perry's perseverance

Katy Perry shocked us in 2008 when we heard "I kissed a girl", but the singer had several failed attempts before she became successful. In 1999, Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson dropped out of high school to begin her music career, and her first production was a failure. It was an evangelical music album made by Red Hill Records.

Katy Perry always believed in her talent.

The Californian tried to promote a totally different second album and traveled through France, Japan and China. During those times, Katy's financial problems were enormous and she returned to Los Angeles bankrupted. The young woman sold clothes to solve some of her financial problems, while she had a contract with Columbia Records. She was fired, and hit rock bottom. Suddenly, she had a lucky strike with producer Jason Flom who managed to guide her to stardom!

Bad Bunny is probably the luckiest person in the music business

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio used to publish his songs on Soundcloud and in 2016 discovered by chance by DJ Luian, who helped him sign a contract with Mambo Kingz.

I was working in a supermarket in 2016 and at the Latin Grammys in 2017. That is a sign of improvement, I was like any young man.

Bad Bunny feels grateful. Source: (Alarmy)

Never stop believing in yourself! Perhaps, one day your moment will come. Remember that without effort there is no success and if you have a story please share it with us, we would be loved to read it.

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