The meaning behind Eminem's new music video, “Higher”

Rapper Eminem released a new music video on ABC on the countdown to the great Poirier vs. Mc Gregor fight on January 23rd. Both the song and the MV have a special meaning for the artist, scroll down to discover it.  

  • Marshall Bruce Mathers III, also known as Eminem is a 48-year-old rapper/composer and music producer, considered one of the greatest exponents of the genre of all time.
  • His debut album was Infinite in 1996, and after the success of his song “Slim Shady” the singer catapulted his career by winning 15 Grammys in total and a net worth estimated at $230 million.
  • On December 18th, 2020, Music to Be Murdered By- Side B was released without prior announcement, just like the rapper's two previous albums.
Eminem, Music To Be Murdered By- Side B

Precisely from Eminem's last recording work, the song “Higher” emerges from which the 48-year-old artist premiered a music video on January 23rd, 2021.

With great audiovisual quality, ABC was commissioned for the premiere in the context of the countdown to Poirier vs. Mc Grego rematch fight at UFC 257.

Upon being released on this show, "Higher" features guest appearances by UFC director Dana White and ESPN commentator Michael Eaves, who bring a real touch to the story told by the music video.

The story Eminem tries to tell us is how he prepares and struggles to beat his own demons.


According to the artist, the life of a singer and that of an elite athlete have many points in common such as dedication, training and the sudden ups and downs in the race.

Knowing how to win and lose is essential in any sport and blows are a big part of a boxer's life.

Filmed in black and white we can see a Marshall Mathers fighting himself and throwing out rhymes like

"Where am I supposed to go from here?
Really I have no idea
All I know it's every time I think I hit my ceiling
I go higher than I've ever f *** ing 'been ".

In the lyrics, we can find references to the singer's career years, who started at age 5.

He also addresses haters from almost resignation for the high price you have to pay when you're famous.

This is a very personal piece for Eminem and the music video for "Higher" is really worth watching, enjoy it below.

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