Lisa and Jennie. Lisa and Jennie.

The love life of K-pop stars: Lisa Manoban and Jennie Kim

Lisa and Jennie are  members of the famous South Korean girl band, Blackpink. The K-pop stars are very secretive about their private life. They don't open up much about their romantic relationships. Read below to find out more! 

  • Both the K-pop idols are one of the best female dancers in Korea. 
  • Lisa is one inch taller than Jennie and they both are very close friends.
  • They have the same net worth of $6-$8 million.

Blackpink popularity has reached new heights after their new song 'ice-cream'. They collaborated with the American singer, Selena Gomez, and are now famous worldwide. Although they are very popular, they keep their personal life away from the public eye.

Their relationships remain private because they have signed a contract with the company, YG Entertainment. It forbids them to get romantically involved with anyone. Check out how Lisa and Jennie still managed to get into a relationship!

Lisa and Jennie taking selfie.

 At JYP's party, the K-pop band revealed that they are not allowed to drink or go to clubs. The company has also given them strict orders to refrain from getting tattoos and any sort of plastic surgeries. But Jennie announced that these rules can be broken with the permission of the CEO. 

Jennie and Kai. Adobe Stock

Jennie was the first member of the band to date, someone. In October, the well-known rapper dated Kai, who is the best singer of the South Korean band EXO. The companies confirmed their relationship in  December 2018, when the couple was caught together on a date night.

Many fans were shocked and surprised by this news. Some of them didn't even believe that they were in a relationship. However, after just three months they got separated. 

Asia's most beautiful girl, Lisa was reportedly dating Jungkook, a member of the famous K-pop band, BTS. The two never confirmed their relationship but the Blinks and the Army always wanted to see them as a couple.

Watch their new song below:

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