The insane revelations of Tekashi 6ix9ine's girlfriend, Jade

Although we may have old info because they have failed to comment, Jade is supposed to be Tekashi's current girlfriend. The Instagram model made some revelations regarding her weight. Keep reading and watch the video!

  • Jade is a New Yorker, just like the rapper, and she has a daughter.
  • The Instagram model assured she was pregnant a few months ago, but there's no belly in the way.
  • Rachel seems to be worried about her body weight, and she showed us a video!


Jade. Source: The Blast

 6ix9ine rapper has been dating Jade, whose real name is Rachel Watley, since before going to prison. Rainbow has not a nice relationship record with his former girlfriend but with Jade things seems to be different. Even when he was released from prison on April 2020, 'Tutu' singer dedicated a full post to her to thank her for her continuous support when in jail and everybody had left him aside.

Tekashi and Jade. Source: Getty Images

Instagram model appears to have been by the rapper's side all the time no matter what, until now. Tekashi has disappeared from all kind of social media and nobody knows where he is. His girlfriend should know, but, instead, she appears on her account posting many different things which do not relate to the rapper in any way.


Jade and her rainbow hair

 Jade was a bartender in a bar in New York, and an Instagram model. Although she had declared being pregnant with 6ix9ine's baby, lately Rachel has been promoting some kind of 'waist trainers' which make waists smaller. So, no pregnancy seems to be in her way since, if there were, she could not use those things.

Jade promoting her 'waist trainer'

Related to that, which makes us think she cares about her figure, Watley posted a video where she is explaining what kind of food has made her put on some pounds on. The model is showing lots of some kind of chips and junk food.


Tekashi and Jade. Source: Wonderfall

 What is going on? We can surely take the pregnancy out of the equation, but is she taking care of herself? Is Jade seeing Tekashi? Let's wait a bit more and see what the 'couple' say. Don't forget to post your comments below!

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