Justin Bieber sets the stage gleaming with his incredible performance Justin Bieber sets the stage gleaming with his incredible performance

The incredible Justin Bieber's performance of "Holy" in SNL

The fans have been coming out to show love and support to the singer whose early fame took a toll on his health. His recent appearance on the Saturday Night Live and phenomenal performance on two of his latest and very successful singles ‘Holy’ and ‘Lonely’ left the viewers in awe once again! Keep reading to find out what happened on the show.  

  • Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer who rose to fame at the age of 13 after Scooter Braun, an American entrepreneur, discovered him on YouTube.
  • The singer got married to Hailey Baldwin in 2018.
  • He has 149 million followers on Instagram and 58 million subscribers on YouTube.
  • Justin has a net worth of $256 million.

The 26 years old has been very expressive about his painful journey in the 3 minutes long melody; however, we are pleased to know that the singer has found happiness at this point in life.

Justin Bieber's early fame took a toll on his mental health

This weekend the Come Around Me singer appeared on the Saturday Night Live show where he performed his 2 latest songs, ‘Holy’ that gathered more than 57 million views on YouTube alone. Chance the Rapper also joined him for the music.

Justin Bieber and Chance the Rapper on saturday Night Live

Other than that, Justin sang his most recent song ‘Lonely’ while moving towards the stage through the closed corridors of the set. Benny Blanco was already playing the piano when the 26 years old singer reached.

Justin Bieber with Issa Rae on SNL

The song has accumulated 14 million views in 2 days. As the verses depict, the singer has been a paparazzi and camera target since his teenage, which have deeply affected him. Although he has a big fan following still, he felt lonely.

 You know how it feels like when you’re loved because you are someone. I mean someone who has big money or who can fulfill his desires in just one move.

Meanwhile, you get a lot of friends, none of them is really genuine. It’s not just the story of Justin Bieber, but a lot of people go through this, and youngsters are the main affectees of this inhumane behavior.

The singer who rose to fame through YouTube videos also thanked Jacob Tremblay, who played Justin Bieber in the music video, for his incredible performance and how he brought the lonely boy to life.

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