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The heartwarming story of Cardi B's surprise to her fan with cancer

In her show 'Cardi Tries', the 'WAP' star donated a pink wig to an 11-year-old fan named 'Khloe', who lost her hair to cancer treatments. The rapper handmade the wig with real human hair for her loving fan and sent it to her home. Check out Khloe’s cute reaction to the gift below! 

  • 'Cardi Tries' is a reality show about the 'Up' star trying out different professions. 
  • Khloe is an 11-year-old cancer patient and a huge fan of Cardi.
  • The rapper donated a pink wig as a surprise gift for her fan.
Khloe wearing the wig gifted by Cardi

'Is it from Cardi B?', Khloe asked her mom when she got a parcel.  

The 11-year-old cancer patient got teary-eyed when she received a pink wig from Cardi B! The mega-fan of the 'I Like It' rapper thought it was the best gift ever. Khloe immediately posed and took pictures in it to send it to the star.

Aww, isn't her reaction so heartwarming?

Cardi B on Jimmy Kimmel

'I'm really happy that the wig I made today is going to be donated. I made it with love,' Cardi opened up on her show 'Cardi Tries'.

The 28-year-old rapper had a lot of fun learning how to make wigs using real human hair! With the help of the professional wigmaker 'Tokyo Stylez', she was able to make a special handcrafted surprise gift for Khloe!

Knowing how expensive buying wigs can be, she was glad to donate it to a loving fan in need. Watch the full episode here!


Cardi B at The Grammys

This episode of 'Cardi Tries' is my favorite! I'm glad both Khloe and Cardi put a smile on each other's faces. Wigs are not affordable for a lot of cancer patients as they already spend so much on hospital bills.

I'm sure Khloe will have a fun time with her silky pink wig from her favorite celebrity. Do you think Cardi's gift was lovely? Comment below!

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