Alicia Keys performing live

The funny reaction of Alicia Keys to fan covers of her songs

We all know Alicia is a humble person and that is exactly why we love her so much. She even took the time to watch some of her fan best covers of songs like 'Falling', 'No One', 'Girl On Fire' and 'Underdog'. Watch the video below!

  • The 39-year-old singer has won everything a musician could ever dream of: Grammys, Billboards, American Music and MTV Video Music Awards.
  • She is married to Swizz beatz, a music producer and former DJ of the Bronx.
  • Her net worth is around $150 million dollars.
  • This great video production was for the magazine 'Glamour'.

Alicia Augello Cook is a talented musician, wife, New Yorker, that loves to surprise her fans. She performs for free at children hospitals, donates money for different causes and fights for injustice.

Alicia with her husband, Swizz Beatz. Source: Getty

Everything about Alicia is just right. And the magazine Glamour sure knew how to take advantage of that opportunity. The video is awesome because it shows a more personal side from the artist, that reacts to amazing talents copying her songs.

And Keys gives her feedback.

This is not new, artists like Charlie Puth participated as well. But Alicia is Alicia.

Like her song 'No One', no one is like her and we love her humbliness, style and voice. Cheers to bringing more good 'Keys' into this world!

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