The funniest reactions to Billie Eilish' new single

Her new single "Therefore I am" is already breaking new records. Even more than her 5 Grammys! For now, she definitely broke the record of the funniest fans reactions. Watch the video and the comments below!

  • The single has been just released (12th 2020 at 10 am Los Angeles time). 
  • Companies like Shazam and Spotify also reacted to her announcement.
  • Fans uploaded millions of videos to Twitter and the singer picked the best and posted them on her Instagram.

This is what Billie generates. She is probably the star with the deepest connection with her fans that I've seen in my 10 years covering music. The fact that she was homeschooled might explain a lot.

Billie with her artist family. Source: Getty

She was born in an entertainment family (her dad  Patrick Baird is an actor, brother Finneas is her music producer, mom Maggie May is a screenwriter) so she probably never got bullied or needed to use some etiquette at school.

She is like she is. Nothing more, nothing less. That makes her so authentic that she has won the hearts around the world, from fans that don't even speak English but get her vibe.

Some of the funny comments online

Regardless to what you want to do with your life, you need to find your niche, your specialty and if it's something that you like, you are probably going to do even better.

People are freaking out with her new single! Source: Getty

In my case, I love to write and see how these articles receive comments from all over the world (I don't complain getting free press tickets to major venues as well). Back to Ellie. Drop a comment below if you are waiting anxiously her new single like the people in the video! 

Billie Eilish new single is out!

The music video got already 300.000 views in less than 1 hour!

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