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The fascinating childhood of Harry Styles

It's said that having humble beginnings helps one appreciate their blessings more. Such is the case with the now-superstar Harry Styles. Although most might know him now do you know his life before the fame hit? Keep reading to know more about where he's from and his home life!

  • Harry Edward Styles was born in Redditch, United Kingdom.
  • The singer is currently 28-years-old.
  • He's a son to the now split-couple Anne Twist, and Desmond Styles.
  • Before becoming a singer, he used to work at a bakery.
Harry with a friend of his. Source: Myspace

Although Harry's birthplace is Redditch, the singer's hometown is actually a quiet village named Holmes Chapel located in Cheshire East. He only has one sibling by blood, an older sister named Gemma, but has 2 half-siblings after his mother remarried. You might be surprised to read this but during his childhood, the singer looked nothing like his current appearance. He's famous for his chocolate brown curls now, but as a child, the 'Watermelon Sugar' singer had straight blonde hair- completely different from how he is now!

Life before The X-Factor

Harry styles during his childhood. Source: Rex Features

After his age changed, so did his appearance. Harry's straight blonde hair turned brown and curly, but the only thing that has always remained constant is the dimples in his cheeks and those beautiful green eyes.

What a cheeky boy! Source: Xposure

He attended Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School where he was the lead singer for the 4-member band White Eskimo. After Harry left and joined One Direction, the band stayed together and now has 5 members, out of which only one from the original lineup stayed.

Harry performing with White Eskimo

When he turned 14, the former One Direction singer started his job in the W. Mandeville bakery, where he was under the supervision of Simon Wakefield, his former boss. Like any other young part-timer, Harry was required to do the dirty work and take care of the cleanliness (which nobody really likes), but the then-teenager put up with it for the reward of 6 pounds per hour. According to Simon,

'He was a really hard worker. His jobs were serving in the shop, cleaning the back, scrubbing the floor, washing the trays and cleaning the counter.'

Harry enjoyed his time working at the bakery since during his X-Factor audition in 2010. When Simon Cowell asked him what he does, he proudly stated,

'I work in a bakery.'

What a cute baker! Source: Twitter

Did he always want to be a singer?

He also shared his plans for the future during that same audition. Before becoming a singer, the teen was quite ambitious and wanted to study law, sociology, business, and in his words 'and something else, but I'm not sure yet.' Well! Fame changed all his plans. Not only did he not start on getting a degree, but was also forced to drop out of high school after One Direction was formed and immediately rose to fame.

His love for his family

Despite being one of the biggest stars in the world, Harry is still as humble as ever. The singer is reported to visit his beloved bakery occasionally and keeps his family both in his heart and body!

Some of Harry's mant tattoos. Source: The Face Magazine

By that, I mean he has a tattoo of the letter 'A', standing for his mother's name, an iced gem cookie, the letter 'g' and 'Gemma' written in Hebrew for his sister Gemma, and an 'R' in honor of his step-father who passed away in 2017.

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