Cardi and Offset.

The fancy New Year's Eve celebration of Cardi B and Offset

Hip-hop celebrities bought this beautiful mansion set on six acres, with five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, four half-baths, a gun range, infinity pool, extensive lawns, and a private garden. Cardi took extra care in her festivities decor and has not stopped posting videos mentioning how in love she is with her house. Let's take a peek inside and check out the holiday decorations and share Cardi's New Year message!

  • Cardi B and Offset bought this home on December 2019 for $5.8M in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • There’s also a four-car garage and, of course, a wine cellar.
  • Cardi's Net Worth is estimated $24 million

Atlanta mansion

Cardi and Offset mansion in Atlanta, Georgia. Source:Atlanta Curbed.

This mansion is located near Chastain Park in Atlanta, Georgia. The mansion was listed at $5.79M. It comes with all the luxurious needs fit for royalty.

Holiday decor


Cardi left her Christmas decorations with not 1 but 5 Christmas trees. She is absolutely in love with it. In her Instagram Live she shared her feelings on her holiday decor. Decorations include five trees heavily adorned with twinkly lights and pastel roses. It's obvious she loves it so much she hasn't added any extras we are aware since X-mas. To check out the full details of her Christmas deco read this article we posted.

New Year message


Cardi and daughter Kulture. Source: Sohh

Cardi tweeted this heartfelt message to her fans.

'This year none of THAT SHIT!! ' Make a plan, write it up, stick it on your fridge and make it happen! It won’t happen in a day but if you stick to it trust me it will!!!'

Sounds like an excellent piece of advice Cardi. So I'm game, are you? Happy New Year and may this next year bring us health and more fun news of Cardi B to share!

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