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The famous K-pop, BTS takes over the US Billboard

Bulletproof Boys Scout, professionally known as BTS, is a popular K-pop band. The Korean boys have made their mark in the music industry worldwide. Their recent song, ‘Dynamite’ was a massive hit and ranked number-one on the US Billboard. Read below to find out more!

• BTS has a colossal net worth of $60 million.
• 20 of their songs have secured the number one position on the Billboard sales chart.
• Bangtan boys gained popularity by their killer performance in VMAs and BBMAs.

BTS has always been inspired by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. They are obsessed with his dancing skills and even copied some of his moves in their recent song ‘Dynamite’.

Taj Jackson, the late American singer’s nephew, was shocked after watching their new song. Taj loved their music video and has also requested Michael Jackson fans to watch it and share it.

The BTS boys are taking over USA

The well-known K-pop group earned fame in a short period of time. They became the internet sensation because of their amazing choreography and beautiful looks. Their new song ‘Dynamite’ has almost 286 million views on YouTube. This was their first single English.

Bangtan boys wore some chic outfits as the theme of their song was Disco. Their latest song broke many records because of its catchy tune and energetic beat. For the first time ever, an Asian band is taking over the United States market. Their strategy of switching to English has clearly worked out. First Korea, then USA, then the world! Are we going to see some K-Pop music in Spanish next? Who knows! 

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