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The explanation behind music video clips

You may have seen that now almost all rappers' videos have a common point: they are absolutely colorful! Nevertheless, even the brightest hues have taken the scene, there is a big difference between boy's and girls' clip's essence. Can you guess it? Keep scrolling to know all about it!

  • 6ix9ine's new video 'TUTU' is certainly one of the best examples of these vibrant videos.
  • Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion also released their bright video for the ‘WAP’ song.
  • It's a fact that the colors have Psychological effects on us.

Today's rappers' videos join forces in the visual aspect. If you have seen some lately, you may have noticed that color is the main character of them.

One example of this is the 'TUTU' song from 6ix9ine. He invites fans to a sort of carnival where he plays a joker with his signature rainbow hair.

Also, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion emphasized the hue aspect in their latest clip for the 'WAP' song. They dive us into a hypnotic sequence with their crazy looks in corset bodysuits, pantyhose, and thigh-high boots.

Rapper 6ix9ine in 'TUTU' video

We all know that rappers have always been the ones that go against the system and governmental's injustices. Considering US's gray moment in political terms, this is probably a great resource to oppose against that. There are no doubts that looking at colorful sets in the videos may put the fans into a better mood, and bring some joy during this also pandemic moment.

However, a difference is growing up between boys and girls video's themes. There is a significant contrast in the role of women in them. While in men's clips female characters are shown as wares, in their own videos they reveal themselves as powerful warriors. Ladies show us that they are much more than just curvy bodies and housewives. We celebrate that rising empowering attitude and want to see it growing even more. Let's go girls!

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