Lady Gaga is one of the highest-paid artists

The eccentricities Lady Gaga buys with her $320 million fortune

Forbes valued Lady Gaga's great fortune at $320 million. The singer likes to treat herself, and we made a list with her most surprising purchases! Did you know the singer came very close to bankruptcy in 2009? Watch the video below!

  • Lady Gaga has a studio inside her Hollywood Hills mansion.
  • The Oscar winner paid $500,000 for the rescue of her pets.
  • Luckily, the dogs were recovered and 5 people were arrested in the 'Dognapping Case'

“Monster Ball” Tour

Lady Gaga paid for the entire production of the "Monster Ball" tour with all her money. Source: (eBay) 

In 2009, Lady Gaga invested most of her fortune in an eccentric music tour that nearly bankrupted her. Stefani Germanotta owed $3 million for the production of an incredible set.

Luckily for the songwriter, the “Monster Ball” tour managed to collect $227 million and became one of the most profitable tours in music history!

Backplane startup

"Little Monsters" was a social network made for Lady Gaga's fans. 

In 2012, the New York singer decided to create Little, a website for her fans to set up a community created by Backplane. The “Born This Way” interpreter put a million dollars out of her pocket and got the attention of numerous investors, including Google Eric Schmidt. Unfortunately, the singer's business plan was a failure, and was declared bankrupt in April 2016.

Although the computer project of the "911" interpreter didn't work, according to Fortune magazine, Stefani Germanotta is planning a project with Intel and the Born This Way Foundation to combat cyberbullying.

$10 million property in Hollywood Hills

Gaga's paradise!

Lady Gaga purchased a 6,700-square-foot home that once belonged to Frank Zappa for $5 million,  but it doubled the price thanks to many renovations. The mansion located in Hollywood Hills has a massage room, tennis court, pool, art gallery, greenhouse, and an incredible studio!

$23 million house in Malibu

The "Born This Way" interpreter also owns a magnificent Malibu home that includes a bowling lane, a game room, a saltwater pool, and an exclusive wine cellar. According to the NY Post, the actress also pays $67,000 monthly to rent an apartment in New York.

Lady Gaga NYC apartment

Haus Laboratories

Lady Gaga is another celebrity who invests in her own cosmetic brand. Following the steps of Kendall Jenner, she developed animal-test-free products. So if you were looking for sustainable makeup you can enter the singer's website and buy them!

Future plans

Lady Gaga looking amazing!

The New York singer is currently starring in The Gucci family movie, but Gaga's future could be a long way from music and acting. The singer suffers from fibromyalgia and among her biggest wishes to donate money for the investigation of the disease, to help those who suffer from it. The superstar doesn't stop surprising us! In addition to the luxurious properties, the "Born This Way" singer is not afraid to invest her money in social causes. What do you think about her actions? Leave your comments below!

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