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The deep message of singer Billie Eilish to her followers

Billie is not only a singer, political activist, vegan but also a strong woman that speaks her mind whenever she wants to. She posted an Instagram story where she spoke her mind about people still doing parties in a moment where everybody should be still staying home. What do you guys think? Read more below!

  • Billie played voluntarily on the Democratic Convention urging people to vote.
  • She also criticized the current presidency of Donald Trump.
  • For the climate change, she donated thousands of dollars and participated on protests.
The Instagram story of Billie that got deleted

This picture shows the Instagram story of the multiple Grammy singer. There, she spoke her mind about how still haven't given any hugs to her best friends while "people continue to go partying and spreading the virus".


With almost 67 million followers, she has the responsibility (and power) to reach many young minds that are still shaping their conduct. Social media has given two possibilities. For one, the fans get to know more about their stars, their daily life and be entertained daily.


For the celebrities, the chance to reach more people with their art but also to spread messages of love, peace and consciousness. Despite whether you agree with her political views or not, she is a big supporter of humanity causes that give the world more hope. 

Watch her entire performance of her song "My Future" at the Democratic Convention below:

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