Taylor Swift looking at Joe Alwyn Taylor Swift looking at Joe Alwyn

The complete list of Taylor Swift dating history

From beautiful, cute boyfriends, to bad boys, Taylor tried everything. The "Love story" singer hasn't had good luck in love but each of her breakups has become huge musical successes. Watch the video below to know more about the Grammy winner's love affairs!

  • "We will never be together again" was dedicated to actor Jake Gyllenhaal.
  • After her romance with Harry Styles, the singer decided to go away from the public eye.
  • In 2014, she took a "celibacy" vote and stayed single for the whole year!

1-Brandon Borello, Taylor Swift's first love

Brandon Borello and Taylor Swift at high school years!

Legend has it that the youngsters had a brief love story because Brandon had to go to college, but it was Taylor's first adventure that inspired the hit "Tim McGraw".

2-Drew Hardwick, the bad boy

Taylor Swift mentioned Drew's name in " Teardrops on My Guitar".

The singer confessed her love to her close friend through the song "Teardrops on My Guitar". After many years, Drew Hardwick made headlines when he was indicted and in prison in 2015 after a behavioral disturbance.

3- Sam Armstrong, love at first spite

Sam Armstrong and Taylor Swift.

"Should've Said No" revealed Swift's suffering after Sam cheated on her. It was the first of many in Taylor's life.

4- Joe Jonas, high profile relationship

Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas didn't end on good terms. Source: (Getty)

The leader of the Jonas Brothers dated in 2008 and covered millions of magazines with their love story. It was a brief romance, but three months seemed like an eternity at her 18 years of age.


Joe broke up with Taylor through a phone call and the controversial breakup continues to be discussed today! 

5-Lucas Till, from work to bed

Lucas Till in the video " You belong to me".

The crush between Lucas Till and Taylor Swift happened in 2008, after her split with Joe Jonas. The couple met filming the video "You Belong With Me" and many thought the actor was the ideal man for the singer.


6-Taylor Lautner, the perfect crush

And just when we thought that Taylor Swift couldn't recover from the terrible love year she had, in 2009 rumors started thanks to the movie "Valentine's Day", but it was all over by December. "Back to December" was dedicated to Taylor Lautner, and it certainly became another hit of the year.

7-John Mayer, the old guy

John Mayer dedicated " New Light" to Taylor Swift. Source: (Getty)

Mayer is 15 years older than Taylor and had a reputation for breaking hearts. Unfortunately the interpreter of "Love story" was one more on his list. The romance began in late 2009 and ended in February 2010.

8-Cory Monteith, voices united

Taylor Swift was shocked with Cory Monteith's ausence. Source: (Getty)

Insider press revealed that the remembered Glee actor and Taylor Swift had a secret affair. "Mine" was released in 2010 and the composer revealed for Yahoo that the song was written for someone she barely knew, Cory Monteith.

9- Jake Gyllenhaal, spider kiss

 Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift.

Jake is 9 years older than the Grammy winner and their romance lasted no more than three months. However, Taylor dedicated not one, but two songs to the well-known actor: "All Too Well" and "The Last Time", something that has given rise to speculation about the secrets that the former couple hides.

10- Connor Kennedy, American royalty

No time was wasted for Taylor Swift!

Connor was 18 when the songwriter was 22. The romance was also brief and the reasons for the breakup aren't known.

11- Harry Styles, watermelon love

Handsome, young, and popular. The former One Direction member and Taylor Swift became one of the most named couples of 2012. The love story was undoubtedly controversial, lasting less than 30 days. The composer confessed to the press at the 2013 British Awards that it wasn't easy singing the song “I Knew You Were Trouble” in front of the person who inspired her.

12- Calvin Harris, the fun guy

Calvin Harris described Taylor Swift as a wonderful woman. Source: (Getty)

After her stormy relationship with Harry Styles, it was fair and necessary for Taylor Swift to take a break. In 2015 we found out that the Pennsylvania star was dating Calvin Harris. The couple became one of the most lucrative in the industry by jointly producing the hit "This Is What You Came For". After 15 months of  relationship, they split. That was the end of "Tayvin".

13. Tom Hiddleston, the intellectual

Tom Hiddleston's reputation suffered after his affair with Taylor was revealed.

Calvin Harris' replacement came much faster than expected. In 2016 Tom Hiddleston found himself at the highest point of his career after his portrayal of Loki in Marvel when The Sun published some photographs where the actor looked very romantic with Taylor Swift. The relationship lasted three months.

The courtship between Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift surprised us.

The singer left the Marvel actor's heartbroken. Since then, Tom has avoided exposing himself to the media, however, the Loki interpreter is preparing for the new launch of the Disney + series which will premiere in June 2021.

14- Joe Alwyn, the young beauty

  Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn look incredible toguether!

The relationship between the interpreter of "Lover" and Joe Alwyn has been far away from the media spotlight. The couple began their adventure in 2016 and continues to this day.

We've certainly put a lot of guys on this list who are known in the Hollywood and music industry, but a lot of Taylor Swift fans wonder if there are more hidden names. The singer is aware that many of her romances help her become the press's favorite target, being a public and world-famous figure. Since 2014, the Grammy winner decided not to comment on her emotional status, although she has shown us how much she loves Joe Alwyn. Do you think the composer finally found her half-orange? Please leave your comments below!

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