Harry Styles.

The celebrations for Harry Styles' birthday and the sweetest message he received

Remember when in 2010 a sweet 16 Harry showed up shyly at the X Factor audition? Who could have thought that he would become the star and inspiration that he is today? February 1st is a special day in music because 27 years ago a star was born. Read on to discover the birthday greetings that Harry Styles received and which was the most special for him.  

  • Harry Edward Styles was born on February 1, 1994 in the UK.
  • Following his participation in the X-Factor program in 2010, his subsequent joining the boy group "One Direction", and his extraordinary solo career since 2017, Styles managed to amass a net worth estimated at $75 million.
  • The singer has won a total of 35 awards so far and has 3 nominations pending for the Grammy Awards 2021 to be held in March, as "Best Pop Vocal Album", "Best Pop Solo Performance" and "Best Music Video", for Fine Line, Watermelon Sugar and Adore You respectively.
Harry Styles for Vogue.

Millions of Harry Styles' fans have flooded social media with greetings, congratulations, and adorable photographic videos of the 27-year-old artist.

Apparently the singer of "Watermelon Sugar" has become an icon, not only of the song but also of fashion.

Adam Lambert's salutation to Harry Styles.

His daring attire choices are not random, Harry tries to prove a point with it and inspire others to break free from the chains of social prejudices imposed on gender roles in expression through clothing.

During the hours that his birthday has been going on, the Aquarian has received millions of messages of congratulations from his fans and also from his peers.

Josh Devine's salutation to Harry Styles on his birthday.

Personalities like singer Adam Lambert, his former One Direction partner Josh Devine and social media star Emmy Hartman have taken a moment to send him a message via Twitter and celebrate the day of his birth with him.

 However, there was one message that stood out among the millions written in honor of the former One Direction.

The most important person in Harry's life could not miss greeting him.

We're talking about his mother, Anne, who took to her Instagram account to send a very special message to her youngest son. In the publication we can see a rare photo of Styles as a child, dressed as a Dalmatian.

The caption reveals a sweet nickname that his mom gave the singer, "Happy birthday to my youngest pup."

The comments of the fans, melted by the tenderness of the mother-son relationship, congratulated Anne for having brought to the world inspiration and motivation such as Harryz.

From yaay' we also celebrate the birth of this fantastic singer and toast for many more years of success.

Let's look back at Harry's audition for X Factor together below.


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