Cardi B with no make-up and her hair au naturel.

The best looks of Cardi B without makeup

She is as real as anyone can get. Transparent, honest and funny. The American rapper is very active in social media, but she doesn't show herself much without beauty arrangements. Her Instagram account is followed by 80 million followers and her tweets are a trending topic. A celebrity of that caliber is always super glam. Her hair, nails and specially her make-up are exquisitely done. Anything she wears or promotes is beautiful and this is the reason she became a style influencer in 2020. How much is under all that of the real Cardi B? Let's take a look at Cardi au naturel!

  • Cardi B is a 28-year-old American rapper.
  • She is married to rapper Offset, and they have a baby girl Kulture who is 2 years-old.
  • In November 13th, 2020 she launched a limited footwear collection with Reebok.

Shopping at the mall

Cardi B at the mall during the holidays. Source:Top-channel TV.

Holiday shopping is a crazy year specially when you have little ones at home. In the picture the 'WAP' rapper appears in a body tight blue dress and her signature scarf enveloping her hair. Her face lacks any traces of make-up, and you can see how incredibly good she looks!

Post thanking fans

In a video thanking her fans for showing their support on her footwear collaboration with Reebok and also to ask them for patience as they supply the stores with the limited edition. She appears cool, with no make-up and a beautiful cheetah printed scarf covering her hair. Her skin is glowing and healthy, and we can't help but look in awe at how good she looks. Read more about her collaboration with Reebok in this article.


Cardi B posing with beautiful red dress. Source: Getty Images.

Her no make-up appearances have also woken up comments from trolls, but her fans have come to the rescue defending and posting their support. Whether she is in super glam or au naturel mode she always looks amazing. Cardi B please give us your beauty routine to keep up!

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