Post Malone performs on Day 1 of Wireless Festival 2018 at Finsbury Park on July 6, 2018 in London, England.

The best 5 face tattoos of Post Malone!

The Syracuse rapper has the most incredible tattoos on his face! Two years ago, Malone claimed he wasn't pretty and needed people to focus on his ink designs. Well, he achieved his goal! Want to know everything about his face tattoos? Scroll down and don't miss a detail!    

  • 25-year-old Post Malone has 77 tattoos on his body. 
  • At least 14 are on his face only.
  • He will keep on getting more and more tattoos on his face. 

1. Sword

Post Malone sword face tattoo

The upside down sword on his right side was just to bother his mom! The songwriter is a sword's fan. The star claims: 'Swords are f*ing awesome, and I’ve always been into them since a little kid'. O.K. he loves them, yes, but its true meaning was to make her mom angry!  

2. Blackjack

Posty Blackjack face tattoo . Source: Twitter

 The singer is also a card game lover. On his forehead he has two ace of spade. The Blackjack fan had the cards tattooed while on a trip to Montreal. 'I love playing Blackjack, so I was in Montreal, and I was like, ‘Let’s get tattooed. Then I got a Blackjack on my face for fun.'

3. Always tired

'Always tired' face tattoo. Source: Reddit

 The rapper is 'always tired'. Really. Malone believes that so much that he needed it to be inked right below his eyes. The songwriter claims his fatigue is due to his constant work without stop. The 'Circles' singer loved the design, but it was super painful.  He even claimed 'it was like getting poked on your eyeball through your eyelid'.

 4. Finger waves

Finger waves face tattoo. Source: Twitter

 When the singer went in July 2018 to the Fuji Rock Festival. Posty decided he needed to take something from Japan with him. What's better than a face tattoo? Austin got Ganji to make him the tattoo which resembles Japanese finger waves on his forehead.

5. Face Playboy bunny

Tiny Playboy Bunny next to the sword one. Source: Reddit

 The first tattoo the young rapper got in 2016 was the Playboy bunny but on his body. Years later, in 2018 he decided he needed another bunny clear on his face.  Malone wanted  everybody to see it without taking his shirt off. It is on his right cheek just below the smiley emoji. 

The rapper will keep on inking his face  until he finally gets what he wants to see on the mirror. In five years he managed to get more than 14 on his face, if we wait just five more years we will surely see his whole face full of ink. Take a close look at the rapper's face before and after the tattoos! Which one would you choose? I think I simply got used to his inked face! 

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