The queen of rap world, Cardi B.

The adorable story of Cardi B and her dogs!

Bacardi is a huge pet lover! The 28-year-old star owns two dogs, named Bentley and Boujee. You can't believe how cute her furry kids are. Want to know the amazing story behind Cardi and her female dog Boujee? Read below to find out more!

  • The breed of Cardi B's pet dogs is Labrador Retrievers.
  • She loves her dogs and takes care of them like her own kids.
  • Her dogs Boujee and Bentley are a couple.

Did you know that Cardi and her pet dog Boujee were expecting their babies in the same year? What a coincidence! The couple dog gave birth to eight little pups just a month before Cardi and Offset welcomed their own daughter, Kulture

At that time she showed her gray fur babies and their parents to her 28.4 million followers on Instagram. Cardi was very happy with the new addition and said that:

'Somebody was so thirsty to be a mom that she couldn't wait'.

I laughed so much after watching her Instagram video.

Collage of Cardi B and her dogs.

However, Cardi and Offset became the grandparent of eight cute pups and parents of Boujee & Bentley, and of course their new-born baby, Kulture. If Cardi ended up keeping eight little grandchildren then there would have been a lot of barking in her house.

So when their daughter started growing bigger they planned to give all of their grandchildren. They kept only five pups and gave three of them to Offset's nephews. Do you think that Kulture is lucky enough to have so many furry friends at her home? 

Watch a video of Cardi B finding her dog Boujee below:

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