Singer Justin Bieber on 'Peaches' video Singer Justin Bieber on 'Peaches' video

The Top 10 Music Videos of 2021

This year won't stop surprising us. From the fresh new songs that our favorite artists are sharing, to the incredibly aesthetic quality of their music videos, 2021 is being a success for the music industry. We found out which are the best videos so far, so you didn't miss them. Watch them below!

  • Justin Bieber, his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, and her also ex-boyfriend The Weeknd, are among the most viewed ones. 
  • Olivia Rodrigo is now a superstar after her success with 'Driver's license' 
  • The Weeknd is always creating delighting scenarios on his video clips. 

10. Olivia Rodrigo — 'Deja vu'

Singer Olivia Rodrigo

After breaking all our hearts with 'Driver's license', this artist spins the car's steering wheel with a bittersweet catharsis. With 30 million views Rodrigo is still showing us an expired romance in which now she directs her ire towards an unoriginal dude. She's definitely staying true to Taylor Swift's style!

9. NUSKI2SQUAD, G Herbo, & Yungeen Ace — 'Live On (Thuggin Days)'

Singer NuskiI2Squad

This song, which now has 1 million views on YouTube, has been the breakout anthem for Nuski2Squad. For the remix, he joined two young fresh rappers, G Herbo and Yungeen Ace, to revitalize the single with their talent, and to create a video for show injustice and pain

8. Bebe Rexha — 'Sacrifice'

Singer Bebe Rexha

The incredible superstar described her video in three words: “cinematic, effortless grunge, s-x,” and we couldn't agree more. On this 10 million views' video, we watch her turned into a vampire who seeks for blood and ends up making justice by torturing a doctor who takes advantage of his patient.  

7. Twenty One Pilots — 'Shy Away'

Twenty One Pilots band

This legendary band shows us with their new video clip that has 13 million views, how keeping things simple can make them better. Many may tell that this clip is boring, and that lacks of action scenes, but that's what allows us to get deep into the incredibly emotive lyrics of the song. Well done boys!

6. YSB Tril x Bankrol Hayden — 'Touchdown'

YSB Tril x Bankrol Hayden in 'Touchdown' video

With just two weeks online, this video already has 150,000 views. On it, we see the typical behavior of bad boys. After being scolded by their american football coach, these two turned into rebels with paintball guns who seduce all the girls. Despite the cliche, the song is great!  

5. Selena Gomez and DJ Snake — 'Selfish Love'

Selena Gomez and DJ Snake

The 19 million views' music video, show us Selena in a colorful and almost surreal hair-dress salon where things get weird with the clients. Here we listen once again to the pop star singing in Spanish some lyrics from the song, it's awesome how well she pronounces!

4. The Weeknd — 'Save Your Tears'

Singer The Weeknd. Source: Getty Images

With 283 million views, The Weeknd, shows us his more eccentric concert. With an audience full of masks all over their faces, and a mysterious atmosphere, this seems to be one of the most crazy shows he could ever give. The 'Blinding lights' singer, performs a crazy artist who makes the public think that he is capable of commiting suicide in front of them. Definitely the video is great but, also creepy!

3. Imagine Dragons — 'Follow You'

Imagine Dragons band

Here we realize how different the minds of a couple might be. In this music video with 14 million views, a couple started to create completely contrasting scenarios during a music show in their heads, to still enjoy the concert together. You won't believe how great hers is

2. Doja Cat ft SZA — 'Kiss Me More'

Doja Cat and SZA in 'Kiss Me More' video

This music video, full of feminine and fantasy vibes, has more than 20 millions views. The aesthetic of the video is full of pastel colors that contrast with powerful and sensual women that charmed an astronaut. At the end,  the video takes a turn, revealing Doja Cat and SZA playing a video game, can you believe it?

1. Justin Bieber ft. Daniel Caesar, Giveon — 'Peaches'

Justin Bieber with Daniel Caesar and Giveon in 'Peaches' video

Justin's new music video is full by fruity colors that are mostly shown with neon lights. In this 110 million views clip, we see the Justin's version we love the most, the confident one. His sweet voice and his baggy steps, perfectly match the loose style of his partners. This can for sure be the most catchy song of the year!

Here are the links for you to enjoy!

10.  Olivia Rodrigo — 'Deja vu'. Click here!

9. NUSKI2SQUAD, G Herbo, & Yungeen Ace — 'Live On (Thuggin Days)'. Click here!

8. Bebe Rexha — 'Sacrifice'. Click here!

7. Twenty One Pilots — 'Shy Away'. Click here!

6. YSB Tril x Bankrol Hayden — 'Touchdown'. Click here!

5. Selena Gomez and DJ Snake — 'Selfish Love'. Click here!

4. The Weeknd — 'Save Your Tears'. Click here!

3. Imagine Dragons — 'Follow You'. Click here!

2. Doja Cat ft SZA — 'Kiss Me More'. Click here!

1. Justin Bieber ft. Daniel Caesar, Giveon — 'Peaches'. Click here!

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