K-pop singer Lisa Manoban's favorite piece of clothing K-pop singer Lisa Manoban's favorite piece of clothing

K-pop singer Lisa Manoban's favorite piece of clothing

She is a 23-year-old famous rapper of the South Korean girl band, 'Blackpink'. Out of the four members, Lisa's popularity is the most noticeable because of her incredible fashion sense. Americans and fans around the world love her.  Her music video looks are admired by millions of her 'BLINKS', and she is starting to become a fashion icon in the United States. Watch the video below!

  • Lisa's real name is Lalisa Manoban.
  • Her girl group includes famous singers Rose, Jisoo, and Jennie.
  • She has a net worth of $8 million out of the group's collective net worth of $32 million.
  • Manoban has 39.5 million followers on Instagram.
Lisa brings her fashion A-game to her music videos. She loves to wear cropped jackets by the famous brands Mulberry, Celine, and Michael Kors. Her style is mostly simple but trendy.
She slays in fancy fur jackets paired with skirts and jeans. The Thai rapper looked stunning in a cozy purple fur jacket in her recent pop song 'Ice Cream'. Fans love how her style and confidence is always on point.
The K-pop singer, Lalisa Manoban.

 She has won the 'Best New Artist' award in 2017. Her outfit was perfect in Blackpink's song 'How You Like That'. She wore a beige fur jacket with a black and gold mini skirt.

The K-pop rapper, Lalisa Manoban.

We love her for her unique style which sets her apart from all the other group members. We are all fascinated with the new style of K-pop, their dance routines and fashion sense.

Lisa is like the Liberty Statue from this music genre and stepping hard into the mind of young American teenagers.  Do you think that she is the most fashionable musician in the United States? The incredible conclusion here is that a couple of years before, K-pop artists copied "western" singers and musicians and now it's happening the other way around!

P.S: Blackpink's new song 'Ice cream' with Selena Gomez is reaching 300 million views! 


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