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The 8 most viral memes of Cardi B!

The American rapper is no stranger to becoming a meme on the internet. Her sassy personality and hilariously savage attitude have gained her the affection of the meme-loving community. Scroll down to be blessed with the best Cardi B memes of all time!  

  • Belcalis Almanzar, more popularly known as Cardi B, is an Afro-Latino rapper born in Manhattan and raised in the Bronx.
  • At the age of 28, she has an adorable daughter, Kulture, and an undeniably loving relationship with her husband, Offset.    
  • Her journey from an exotic dancer to a Grammy Award winner for her album ‘Invasion of Privacy’ in 2019 has turned her into a pop culture icon.
  • She rose to fame after becoming an internet celebrity with viral videos on Vine.
  • Cardi B now has a shocking 80.9 million followers on Instagram and a net worth of $24 million ever since she caught the eye of meme creators.
Cardi B with Megan Thee Stallion in the music video of their song ' WAP'

1. The ‘My mama said’ 

Cardi's childhood picture in a 'My mama said' meme

The 'My mama said' meme came to life when the pop singer posted a picture of her 5-year-old self and asked the internet to turn it into a meme. Not long after, baby Cardi became the most viral tattle-tale kid we've ever known. Like the good sport she is, Cardi found the captions over her childhood picture hilarious. Don't you just love how cool and sassy she is about everything?

Baby Drake, Rihanna, and Cardi B in a viral meme

The memes even escalated to dissing rapper Drake when he asked 'Keke do you love me?' in his 2018 hit song 'In My Feelings' by directing the question to Rihanna. Baby Cardi jumped in to take Rihanna's side and turn down Drake

2. Cardi B's version of ‘Coronavirus’ 

 When an image can make you hear Cardi saying 'Coronavirus'  

Back in March 2020, Cardi posted a video to reveal what she felt about the Covid-19 outbreak.  

'Let me tell y’all something, I ain’t even gonna front. A bitch is scared. I’m a little scared. Coronavirus! Coronavirus! I’m telling you, it's real! It's gettin’ real! - Cardi B

Ever since then, the freaky yet funny tone Cardi belted out Coronavirus in has been on our minds. The video blew up so much that the Brooklyn producer and DJ iMarkkeyz, known for remixing viral clips, came up with a 'Coronavirus Remix'. It made it to Top 10 of the U.S. iTunes chart, just below Harry Styles’s hit song 'Adore You'.

'My first goal was for people to enjoy it. My other goal was to show Cardi that she has people who love her to death just by being herself. With all this happening, it shows the impact that Cardi has on everyone all across the world.' - DJ iMarkkeyz

We couldn't agree with DJ iMarkkeyz more. Cardi B is so much more than just a hands-down amazing rapper. She's an entertainer who unintentionally lightens our mood just by being herself. Do you agree?

3. When Cardi wanted to know ‘What was the reason?’ 

When you see your mother turning into Cardi B

Before kick-starting her career as a singer, Cardi was a reality TV personality. Her meme-worthy moments on the show 'Love and Hip Hop' boosted her musical career. What do you think?

Cardi during her fight with Asia on 'Love and Hip Hop'

One of those iconic moments was when she threw her stilettos at co-star Asia during the show's reunion special in 2017. The fight between the two broke out when Asia responded to a question about text messages to her boyfriend Swift, who had a flirtatious relationship with Cardi. Cardi admitted to being in the wrong for not knowing Asia and Swift were together.

However, she accused Asia of judging her for being a striptease dancer. In confronting Asia, Cardi yelled to ask 'What was the reason?' if it wasn't what she thought it to be. From then on, the catchphrase stuck with us.

4. Before Cardi B there was Cardi A

When we got to see Cardi's mother with her and Offset at Powerhouse 99 

Cardi and her mother were sighted with Cardi's then-fiancé Offset at Power 99's Powerhouse concert in Philadelphia in 2017. She was seen flaunting her massive 8-carat diamond ring after getting engaged. However, all eyes were set on Cardi's mother instead of the engagement ring! The whole internet was in agreement that Cardi and her mother looked liked twins. Do you agree too?

5. ‘Cardigan Backyardigan’

When we wondered what Cardi's real name was

The 'Please Me' rapper got caught in the wave of people imagining the 'real names' of celebrities. Ice Cube's full name was guessed to be 'Icelandic Cubicle'. Quavo’s full name was termed as 'Quality Avocado'. 'Cardigan Backyardigan' was chosen for Cardi B as her real name. Do you think the name matches her hip vibe? 

6. 'Kill Em With Kindness' ft. Cardi B

When Cardi showed us her savage side

Cardi's time on Love and Hip Hop served us with another unforgettable meme. She set the record straight by telling us she's as sweet as she can be. We can't help but love her even more for her sassy responses. Do you feel the same way?  

7. Cardi B X Disney

When Cardi's song ' Finesse' with Bruno Mars made us think we were watching Disney Channel

Cardi went old school for her song 'Finesse' with Bruno Mars and shot the music video on the set of the popular comedy series 'In Living Color'. It made us miss the 90s and gave us major Disney vibes. The concept suited Cardi and made us wish for a Cardi X Disney collab!  

8. Move over Cinderella, ‘Cardiella’ is in town 

When Cardi had a Cinderella moment at Rihanna's 3rd Annual Diamond Ball

Our hopes for a collab were ignited once again when Cardi wore a breathtaking Christian Siriano gown at Rihanna's annual charity event, the Diamond Ball. All we have to say is, Disney we've spotted your new princess, and it's 'Cardiella'!  

Cardi B in Christian Siriano

Cardi B's feisty personality and unforgettable quotes have landed her a fair share of meme-able moments. She never fails to lighten our mood through her one of a kind attitude. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!  

Check out Cardi B's funniest moments below! 

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