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The 7 most hated musicians of all time

You know what people say: "from love to hate, there's only one step." Nevertheless, we think that these artists took some more steps before becoming the anti-idols of many people. Somethenames in the following list really surprised us. Watch the video below to find out who made it to the list! 

  • Justin Bieber's teenage ego could have cost him all his career.
  • One Direction melted all the girls' hearts but it wasn't enough to win the hearts of music critics.

7. Taylor Swift

Singer Taylor Swift. Source: Getty Images

People just got tired of Taylor's old trick: writing songs about famous ex-boyfriends. That's the main reason tons of listeners don't like her music anymore. Also, many of her fans were in love with her country style, and she swichted for pop, leaving them behind without worrying. However, the blond princess seems to be very successful, she is one of the richest musicians in the world. That's impressive!

6. Chris Brown

Singer Chris Brown

Many naysayers think that Brown has thin vocal abilities. Besides of that, the violent episode with the singer Rihanna, made him earn tons of disappointed fans against him. Unfortunately, his music doesn't seem to help him to deal with anger. We hope he finds a way!

5. U2

Some music lovers find Bono an arrogant character. Despite having some amazing songs like 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' or 'With or without you', U2 seem to past their use-by date musically. Moreover, some fans felt outraged when they forced their music to them by putting free on iTunes the album 'Songs of Innocence'. Withal, we still love the old hits!

4. John Mayer

John Mayer. Source: Getty Images

Mayer sells his romantic and sweet side to the world with his songs, but the fans were incredibly upset when they found out that he was disrespectful with his ex-girlfriends, including Jessica Simpson. As well, he buried himself making some racially-charged comments that broke many hearts. Above all things, we have to recognize that John is an incredibly talented musician

3. One Direction

One Direction band

The band was listened in every radio station for years because of their repetitive bubblegum pop music. They took every teenage girl heart but, it wasn't enough for being musically consecrated. Once they were even booed off of the VMA stage! Nevertheless, we think that their soloist careers are much more promising. Harry Styles is actually breaking the scene!

2. Kanye West

His 'lack of filter' has cost him thousands followers. Many episodes of violent and disrespectful reactions, like snatching the microphone from Taylor Swift during the VMAs, turned him into an oppressive person for people's eyes. Moreover, his divorce with Kim Kardashian, and his confessions about the relationship, also damaged his reputation leaving him in his worst moment. We hope they can figure things out!

1. Justin Bieber

Singer Justin Bieber

We think that Justin's initial behavior during his musical career has been the trigger of hate against him. He had some adolescent attitudes that revealed that he considered himself better than anyone, and people immediately rejected him. As well, he was into violent incidents with some paparazzi.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber.

Nowadays, Justin seems a more peaceful and religious guy, but some fans disagree with some of his attitudes towards Hailey Bieber, his wife. We consider that definitely Justin has become a better person now! Listen to his incredible Tiny Desk concert:

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