Top 5 provocative outfits of Billie Eilish

In all these years, Billie created her clothing style looking like a 'swaggy girl.' Eilish confessed that she does it because she doesn't like people talking about her body. Nevertheless, some times she escapes from that style and use more tight clothes. Scroll down to see how gorgeous she looks with them too!

  • Billie Eilish is 18 years old, she is turning 19 on the next month.
  • The 5-time-Grammy awarded said that she doesn't like to give people material to talk about her body.
  • Some days, she feels trapped in the baggy style she created for herself, but some others, she just goes outside with a tank top.

1. Chanel Show

Billie at the Chanel Show. Source: Getty Images

In 2017, Billie went to a Chanel show with a cropped black puffer jacket leaving her midriff exposed using kind of a tie around it.

2. Australia

Billie in Australia. Source: Instagram

When she visited Australia in 2018, the non-pop singer posted a picture on her Instagram account in which we saw her wearing track pants and a red crop top that showed her tummy.

3. Los Angeles

Billie in Los Angeles.

On October 2019, Billie went out from her home wearing a light-brown-colored top tank and a matching jogging short. This outfit let Billie's curves exposed and many people commented on her body.

4. Not My Responsibility video

Billie in the 'Not My Responsibility' video.

The 'Bad Guy' singer made a strong video titled 'Not My Responsibility' in which she was wearing a black top tank and said: “Our own bodies are kind of the only real things which are truly ours. I get to see it and get to show it when I want to." We absolutely agree!

5. Hawaii

Billie in Hawaii. Source: Instagram

Earlier this year, Billie had some holidays with friends in Hawaii. She shared a video in which we saw her taking a relaxing shower with a swimsuit, and then swimming with a friend.

Billie with a friend in Hawaii. Source: Instagram

We think that it's awful how some people hide themselves because of what other people would say about their bodies. Our bodies make all of us unique and it's crucial to be friends with them, and for that, people should stop criticizing or rejecting all the non-hegemonic figures. Cheers, Billie! Wear whatever you want to! Watch 'Not My Responsibility' incredible video:

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