Jennifer Lopez wearing a tiny white bikini

The 5 most provocative bikini photos of Jennifer Lopez

The 51-year-old diva has a super sensual body! When wearing a tiny bikini or a tight swimsuit, she leaves us out of breath. We have ranked her best 5 bikini photos. Scroll down and post your comments below!  

  • The mother of two has a mansion in Miami, so the beach is her best place to wear her microscopic bikinis.
  • JLo loves going on vacations with her family to warm places like the Bahamas and Turks & Caicos.
  • Training hard clearly pays off. The singer has a body of a 20-year-old woman.

5. The mirror picture

JLo wearing a black swimsuit

JLo decided to wear a black swimsuit while still on the bed. The star knows how to pose and that shot really favors her looks. Clearly she was waiting for her fiancée before going to bed. Lucky A-Rod!

4. Sitting on the beach

JLo wearing a tiny black bikini

Who can be sitting at the beach relaxing looking as great as JLo? Only Lopez can! Just look at those abs! The tiny black bikini looks fantastic on her super toned body!

3. Just JLo's front

Jennifer Lopez front

We always talk about JLo's back. True. But let's not forget about her front. That white swimsuit really highlights her tanned skin and all her attributes. Jenny, you look fantastic!

2. Using the cellphone while sunbathing

JLo sunbathing while posting on her Instagram account

O.K. we are getting to the best part. That black super tiny bikini is very Brazilian-like, right? It makes her derrière look absolutely great! The 'Hustler's' actress seems to be focusing on her phone, but do you think she is actually posing for the photo? I don't think so! It's just herself!

1. On the side

JLo's perfect bikini photo

And the best photo goes to the one in which the diva revealed absolutely every part of her body! Yes, her back parts and her front can be admired. Her pose is, however uncomfortable for her, perfect for our eyes! 


51-year-old JLo has a super fit and toned body. She works super hard to look like that. A-Rod's girlfriend trains 4 times a week to have so toned abs, arms and legs. That's why every bikini she wears exaggerates all her attributes. Thank you JLo for sharing your photos with us! 

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