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The 5 most incredible facts about Post Malone!

Post Malone has an amazing life! That's for sure! Having more than 77 tattoos on his body and having worked with Kanye West after Kylie Jenner's birthday make him absolutely extraordinary! Want to know everything about his life? Scroll down and don't miss a single detail!  

  • Austin has a net worth of $60 million. 
  • The rapper loves tattoos. He has them all over his body. 
  • John F. Kennedy was one of his idols.
  • Malone loves delivery apps and beer.

1. 'Fade'

Post Malone singing. Source: YouTube

Post Malone performed at Kylie Jenner's birthday party in 2015. Thanks to that birthday party, the rapper met Kanye West and collaborated with them on Post's next hit 'Fade'. 

2. 'Tattoos'

Malone's tattoos

Malone is greatly known because of the 77 tattoos (and still counting) he has all over his body. His first one was the Playboy bunny. The New Yorker has inked himself and that's not it. Believe it or not, he has inked some of his most intimate friends as well. 

3. The idol's idols

Post Malone face tattoos. Source: BL Daily.

Bob Dylan has always been the 'genre-less' musician idol. The American songwriter is not the rapper's only idol. Elvis, Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Bankroll Fresh among others continue the long list. The 25-year-old rapper has even a tattoo of each of them inked on his body to always remember them. Bonus info: The star also has a John F. Kennedy tattoo on his arm because he believes he was the only United States President who speak about corruption withing the Government. 

4.  Delivery apps fan

Post Malone with Jimmy Fallon during an a visit to Olive Garden on October 11th, 2018. Source: Getty Images

 The Syracuse singer seems to be a huge fan of the food delivery app: PostMates. Malone spent over $40.000 on it during 2017! Austin seems to need to order using it wherever he goes. He ordered from 52 different cities around the globe!  

5. Malone has partnered a beer company

Post Malone and Bud Light Beer. Source: Just Jared

 Post Malone is partner with Bud Light. The star's face was not only in one of the cans, but he was also given a special fridge with unlimited beer refill (for free needless to say). The first commercial was on April 2018 when they inked a deal. Even though the artist has never openly stated how much the beer company pays him, we all know it is his biggest sponsors.

Smiling Post Malone. Source: Rolling Stone

Clearly the young rapper knows how to make real money while enjoying life! The 25-year-old star performs and right after every show, he goes home, to his special fridge to have one of his own-faced beer cans. Austin also loves inking his body and face and will obviously continue doing so. I am even thinking he might be tattooing himself right at this moment, right? LOL. Keep it going Post! You got everything you wanted! Check out Austin's performance at the 'Bud Light Seltzer New Year's Eve 2021'.

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