Britney Spears in Hawaii Britney Spears in Hawaii

The 5 most daring photos of Britney Spears

Sam Asghari's girlfriend is one of the most sensual and provocative women in the whole world. Now, do you want to see her best photos wearing the most seductive tiny bikinis ever? Watch the video below to see her best 5!

  • Britney Spears has always been very fond of training her body (the star even has a home gym).
  • The model's girlfriend loves the beach and the sea very much. She and her boyfriend have even been caught at the beach wearing face masks because of the lockdown.
  • The 'Swimming in the stars' singer has a great pool in her backyard where she can also wear her tiny bikinis. 

5. The blue peacock

Britney on her blue peacock float

Floats became a trend, true. Absolutely every person who has a pool at home needs to buy a huge float. Of course, Britney was not going to be left behind. The 'Matches' singer bought a gigantic blue peacock for her. The float called everybody's attention, but the star's body in that tiny zebra-print bikini took our breath away. On May 28th, 2019 the singer was clearly in perfect shape! Just look at those perfect abs! 

4. Floating in her backyard

Britney floating at home

Keeping on with the floats, Britney decided to remove the blue peacock and change it for a traditional pool float. The 'Matches' singer was surely relaxing by the pool in her backyard. If we look at the picture Spears seems to be floating (the photo is crazy), but, what called our attention was her amazing two-piece swimsuit! That gray triangle bikini was super tiny and left absolutely nothing to the imagination. 

3. The snakeskin looks great on her!

Britney Spears at the beach surrounded by surfboards

On February 28th, 2020 Britney was relaxing at the beach wearing that perfect blue snakeskin two-piece. The pop princess was surrounded by lots of surfboards. Her perfectly tanned body matched the bikini she chose for that amazing day at the beach. 

2. Always wear yellow!

Britney enjoying the view

Who on earth could look that amazing while sitting down on the sand watching the sea? If we do that our hips will surely look huge and the bikini would simply disappear between the greasy tissues. Well, not the case when talking about Britney! Look at that perfectly toned body! Her back parts seem intact, the same as if she were standing up. Clearly January 7th, 2018 was her day to look fantastic on that yellow simple bikini! 

1. Keep it white, keep it simple

Britney wearing the tiny white bikini

On June 21st, 2019 the best bikini photo of Britney was finally posted. The white and simple tiny bikini made everybody focuses on what was important in the amazing photo: the mother of two. Asghari's girlfriend had really trained before taking some days off. A follower had to write 'That is absolutely breathtaking  beautiful!'. Another one posted 'Gorgeous and beautiful'. 


 Not so many 39-year-old stars can wear the tiny bikinis Britney wears. That's for two reasons. First, Asghari's girlfriend is super confident about the way she looks. Reason No. 2, she has one of the most sensual and provocative figures in the show business. She can wear whatever she wants! Britney will always look great! 

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