Jennifer Lopez is seen on the set of "Un Nuevo Dia" at Telemundo Center to promote the film "Hustlers" on September 13, 2019 in Miami, Florida.

The 5 hottest Instagram photos of Jennifer Lopez in 2020

The 51-year-old has clearly managed to stay fit and hot at her age. The star posts photos of her showing her amazing body without any clothes. People chose which were her best two pictures in 2020! Check below and decide which one you prefer! 

  • Jennifer Lopez leared how to succeed in the new social media the whole world uses.
  • Instagram became her channel to get closer than ever to her followers.
  • Latina's fans loved all her photos but check below to see which had the most number of likes during 2020!
Jennifer Lopez attends the 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at The Shrine Auditorium on January 19, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. Source: Getty Images

The multihyphenate star managed to keep both the energy of a 20-year-old girl. Even though JLo is from another 'era' she could cope with the advances of the years. The mother of two posts as a teenage does (probably even better!). When deciding which photo to upload on her Instagram feed, she clearly knows which promotes her best look. From her new 'In the morning' cover in which JLo appears without any clothes to her photos in which she is advertising her shoe collection for DSW. 51-year-old diva looks as hot as ever!

1. 'In the morning'

'In the morning' cover. Source: Onedio

Just JLo appeared in the cover of her new single 'In the morning'. Showing her newly short haircut and super fit body broke many hearts! The post got more than 7.504.432 likes.  

2. DSW

JLo for DSW. Source: Daily Mail UK

 On November 8th, JLo was still promoting her collaboration with DSW shoe brand. The photo in which the diva was laying on a sofa, wearing a black and white stripped super sexy shirt with high heels made more than one to watch the photo for more than one moment. The messy hair picture got more than 2.252.061 likes.  

3. Vacation vibes

JLo wearing a bikini. Source: Page Six

 On September 19th, the diva was going on holidays and wore a palm tree bikini. Her abs, boobs, and sexy look was everything people needed to get crazy over the photo. Extra info: September is autumn, so, well done JLo! Most people don't have such a body throughout the whole year!  

4. Latina's back

JLo's back. Source: Daily Mail UK

Yes, you read correctly. I'm just referring to her back. The 'Waiting for tonight' singer is widely known for her amazing body, but her back deserves an extra mention. She rocks it! She is the star with the best ass in all Hollywood. On June 26th, when she posted this picture she just wrote 'Back at it and ready for the weekend'. We all agree she was ready to spend THE weekend of her life! Her back photo received more than 3.902.371 likes worldwide.

5. Motivation mode on

JLo in front of the mirror. Source: Daily Mail UK

 On February 16th, JLo decided it was time to motivate her fans. Her aim was to show herself in a photo without any make up and with the hair without any kind of production whatsoever. Lopez wanted to tell people she is like any other mortal who is not always looking as in the red carpets. Well, apart from loving the message, her fans loved her figure! JLo felt relaxed and recharged' to continue with her day. This amazing photo got 8.324.391 likes. 

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