Cardi B in Up music video

The 3 stunning outfits Cardi B wore in her music video 'Up'

The fashion diva is back, and she's looking more gorgeous than ever! The 28-year-old rapper has gone viral for her super-hit song called 'Up'. The track was released on February 5th, 2021. Gaining more than 2 million views in 24 hours, everyone is in love with Cardi! What 3 looks from the video went viral? Read below to find out!

  • Cardi B's new single 'Up' has surpassed the success of her biggest 2020 hit single called 'WAP'.
  • The music video for 'Up' was directed by Tanu Muino.
  • She has her own clothing line for a brand called Fashion Nova.
  • Her latest music video was inspired by pop legends like Madonna and Marilyn Monroe.

1. Bringing back Madonna's style!

Cardi and Madonna

The 'I Like It' rapper is ready to show off her best dance moves in the greatest outfit. Get ready to witness the gorgeous lady in Madonna's iconic blue velour cone bra and stylish lace-up pants! Doesn't she look stunning?

Her stylist Rey Ortiz confirmed that the dashing look was inspired by Jean-Paul Gaultier's amazing corset. The look was popularized by the 'Queen of Pop' in 1990. It's nice to see the old artist still have an influence. 

2. A glamorous funeral

Cardi's black dress

Did you feel like 2020 was just a bad year on the loop? Cardi made sure to start her music video by making sure to put an end to it. The grave represented the end of an unfortunate year. However, the rapper was dressed well for the occasion. Wearing juicy red Louboutin shoes, a black corset from Abraham Levy, and a floral hat with black roses. 

Phew, nobody is on her level! Have you ever seen a person look so gorgeous at a funeral?

3. Plastic-coated Cardi B!

Cardi covered in plastic

Yes, you read that right! The 'Bodak Yellow' rapper really is covered in plastic from head to toe. With the creative mind of Esme Wagemans, the star was able to create an optical illusion with plastic coating her!

The scene showed Cardi with bottles of champagne all around her as she posed for the camera. I think this is my favorite look of hers. It's so simple yet artistic and majestic. Don't you agree?


While there are many artists who try hard to look their best, Cardi slays them all. Even with the bare minimum effort, she has won the hearts of fashion critics all over the world. Seeking inspiration from pop legends and mixing the art of designing with music is so cool. Which look from the video was your favorite? Comment below!

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