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The 3 most ridiculously expensive jewelry of Cardi B!

When it comes to jewelry, Cardi B owns a ridiculous amount of it. The bubbly rapper is not shy about spending her money lavishly on jewelry and then bragging about it. She is also the proud owner of the most expensive diamond ring in celebrity history! Keep reading to check out its hefty price tag. 

  • Cardi B's real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, and she was born in Manhattan.
  • The rapper has a two-year-old daughter named Kulture Cephus. 
  • Along with her husband, Cardi lives in an Atlanta mansion that cost $5.795 million. 

1. Titanic Diamond

Cardi B and Offset with expensive ring

Nothing on this list can compare with the gorgeous titanic diamond ring that Cardi B owns. The stunning ring was gifted to her by Offset on her birthday! Weighing a massive 100 carats, the ring is one of the biggest diamond rings in history! 

Expensive 100 carat titanic diamond

The ring was custom-made by Pristine Jewelers for a massive 10 million dollars!

2. Lola Necklace

Cardi B's expensive lola necklace

The gorgeous necklace is made up of 110 carats of diamonds! On Cardi’s demands, Ellit Eliantte made the piece based on a character from the movie Space Jam

Jewel encrusted custom-made necklace

The necklace costs a $400K and looks absolutely stunning on the rapper. 

3. Patek Phillipe Watch

Cardi B on Instagram showing off her watch

The diamond-encrusted watch is an impressive addition to Cardi’s stunning watch collection. The rapper bought it for a $100K and even bragged about it on the Ellen Show. 

Cardi B showing off her expensive watch

The rapper has a truly impressive collection of jewelry, and she loves bragging about it. Which piece is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. 

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