Justin Bieber in his music video "Popstar" Justin Bieber in his music video "Popstar"

The 3 most listened songs of Justin Bieber in 2021

2021 seems to have started well for singer Justin Bieber (26), who is in the Billboard Hot 100 with 3 of his songs! At the beginning of the year, the Canadian singer and songwriter released “Anyone” and the song is already in the top 10. Read below to get to know the full list! 

  • Justin Bieber (26) is a Canadian singer, dancer and songwriter.
  • He was first known by his hits “Baby” and “Sorry”.
  • The Canadian artist has recently released a new song “Anyone” and it is already one of the most listened songs worldwide.

3) "Holy"

Singer Justin Bieber in his music video "Holy"

In this song, Bieber sings in collaboration with the American, Chance The Rapper. It was released on September 2020. This wasn’t the first time the Bieber and the American rapper sang together. They had already made a collaboration for 3 other songs: “Confident” in 2013, “I'm the One” in 2017 and “No Brainer” in 2018. You can watch the video "Holy" here.

2) "Anyone" 

Justin in "Anyone" video clip

On December 31, the Canadian surprised us by announcing that he would release a new single the first day of 2021. With only some days after the announcement, “Anyone” is already one of the most streamed songs worldwide. Here, you can watch the new music video where Bieber performs a boxer of the 1940s.

1) "Lonely"

Canadian singer Justin Bieber

"Anyone" was written and performed by singers Bieber and Benny Blanco, and it is in the top of Justin’s songs in the Billboard Hot 100. Benny Blanco is an American producer and it's the 5th time both artists come together to make a collaboration. Love yourself” was also written and composed by Blanco and Ed Sheeran! Watch the video clip here.


Singer Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has been one of the most influential musicians over the world for more than 14 years. He started his career when he was a kid, and he's been able to keep his fame over the time. His talent and charisma is probably the reason of his long-lasting success. Although he started as a singer with only 12 years old, time has passed and now that he is 26, he still has 3 songs in the Billboard Hot 100. 

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