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The 3 most empowering songs of Cardi B

It is widely known that Cardi B had a difficult life, full of hardships and struggles. According to the biography on her official website,  she had to become an exotic dancer to escape from poverty and violence.  That is why she has become a symbol of black women powerfulness and in many of her songs she makes reference to this. Below, you can read the list of her 3 most empowering songs.

  •  Cardi B is a New Yorker rapper from The Bronx.
  • She started her artistic career as an exotic dancer.
  • She made collaborations for Taylor Swift in “Look what you made me do” and Maroon 5 in “Girls like you”.

3) Get up 10 

“Mama couldn't give it to me, had to get at Sue's, Lord only knows how I got in those shoes”

Throughout this song, Cardi makes reference to her past as an exotic dancer in NYC and the struggles she had to overcome. She also suggests that she work hard in order to have everything she has now. Moreover, she shows that she owes her fame and the money no one but herself. 

2) Bodak yellow

Cardi B in her music video "Bodak Yellow"

"I don't dance now, I make money moves"

In the song “Bodak yellow”, she makes reference to her past as an exotic dancer, and she shows she is a powerful and well known rapper that doesn’t need to do this to get money anymore. The meaning implied in the song is the importance of being an independent woman. 

1) WAP

Cardi B in her music video WAP

 “I don't cook, I don't clean, but let me tell you how I got this ring”

The hit Cardi B made in collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion is in our first position because throughout the whole song and the music video, there is a funny  gender role reversal. It is about women pleasure and desires in a very explicit way and not being ashamed of it.


In her songs, Cardi B, reminds us that although life can be hard sometimes, there is always a way to overcome difficulties. Moreover, she is always advocating for black women's rights and tying to reverse gender roles with her non-filtered songs. What is your favourite one?

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