2 unknown facts about Billie Eilish that you need to know 2 unknown facts about Billie Eilish that you need to know

2 unknown facts about Billie Eilish that you need to know

Yes, there are some things you don't know yet about this singer. Hurry up! Billie is a unique American talent. Born in Los Angeles, loved around the world. She is now 18 years old, but rose to fame at the young age of 13 and never stopped. What is the secret of her fame? We looked deep into her files and found revealing information that will blow your mind! Find out below!    

  • The icon rose to fame after her song 'Ocean Eyes' was discovered on SoundCloud.
  • Despite looking 'normal', she is unique. And that is kind of her magic!
  • Her family is really special and educated her differently than most kids that grow up in California.
  • These facts explain in some way, why Billie is so successful. 
Billie smiles at her success. Source: Variety

1) Her famous song "Ocean Eyes" was a mistake.

You just listened to a live studio session, different from the original but surely touching. Eilish started writing music with her older brother, Finneas O'Connell when she was 7.

Billie and Finneas at the Grammy Awards. What a winner couple! Source: Getty

This song was already written but never recorded, and they did it in their home studio for a dance class.

The teacher asked the students to make a choreography about a song and it went viral after posting it on SoundCloud. Sometimes, luck just plays a big role on your life! 

2) She never went to school. Ok. This explains a lot. Her freedom, unique style, wearing baggy clothes.

Can you imagine what it would be like if you never saw a bully? Or had group pressure? Or someone talking about your style?

Billie was home-schooled!

"Being popular never meant anything to me" said Billie once in an interview. I definitely can imagine being super free. Her parents wanted a different environment and focus on the arts.

And boy did they took the right decision. After winning 5 Grammys, the world is just getting warmed up for what's coming next! 

Not only the fans but also brands love her: She has been chosen to perform the new 007 "No Time To Die" song. Also, Los Angeles Organizing Committee for the 2028 Olympic & Paralympic Games is associating with celebrities for presenting their logo and the diva was chosen due to her style.

Check out her new music video "No time to die" for James Bond movie:

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