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The 2 most iconic catchphrases created by Cardi B!

Imagine communicating with sounds rather than words. There is already a famous personality who does that, Cardi B. The American rapper is known for her fascinating way of talking, and we're all fans of her confidence. You have probably used these iconic phrases without knowing she was the creator. Are you curious to find which of her catchphrases are commonly used today? Scroll down to find the answer! 

  • Born in 1992, the 28-year-old rapper's real name is 'Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar'. It is a challenge to pronounce it in one try!
  • Her fame started from the viral videos she made on Vine and Instagram. She now has 81 million followers on her Instagram account. 
  • The 5'3" tall rapper is known for making unique noises, and has been credited as the originator of some popular phrases. She has her own language!

1. Eeeeooowwww

Cardi in a green dress at the Jimmy Fallon show

'Eeeeooowwww' is what Cardi calls the sad cat cry. She explained how it sounds on the Jimmy Fallon show and left Jimmy in laughing fits. Cardi sure knows comedy. Fans call her their favorite comedian. 
There's another version of this that's a bit higher, and Cardi knows how to portray it best.

Check out her explaining it in the clip below.

Did you attend her class for 'Eeeeooowwww'? Check it out here.


Cardi saying Okurrrrr during Jimmy Fallon interview

We all know and love using this iconic phrase by the rapper. Cardi changed the world with her unique talent in creating this sound. To be honest, it's one of our favorite sounds. This was again revealed at the Jimmy Fallon show. He really brings out the best in his guests. 
Cardi explained that this is a specific sound made by the pigeons in New York. There are multiple variations to this. It can be shortened and even extended. We find all the versions funny! What about you? 

Cardi B at the Jimmy Kemmel Live show

Okuuurt has to be a personal favorite! It's a versatile phrase, and we love throwing it in conversations! It's also fun to pronounce. You should try it too!

Like her or not, you definitely love her confidence. Thanks to Cardi, we have the perfect words to express our feelings now. Tell us your favorite catchphrase in the comments section, and don't forget to check out her recent song WAP below!


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