The 2 amazing confessions of Britney Spears in Hawaii

38-year-old Britney is taking some time out and decided to fly to Hawaii with her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, to enjoy some days alone and away from the troubling conservatory trial. Keep reading to learn everything about their holidays!

  • 'Baby one more time' singer will celebrate her 39th birthday next December 2nd.
  • Britney has been dating trainer and model Sam Asghari since 2017.
  • The couple is enjoying some days in idyllic Hawaii.
Screenshot from Britney Spears Official Instagram account

The happy couple are spending some amazing days in Maui, Hawaii. They just needed to disconnect from the conservatorship trial problem and the lockdown itself. Spears and Asghari wanted to connect with themselves again, so they took their private jet and flew to the wonderful Aloha State.

Confession #1

Screenshot from Britney Spears Official Instagram account

 Britney's photos are definitely not good! Positive thing about it: she knows. LOL. 'Oops I did it again' posted quite an awful and blurry photo on her official Instagram account of what seems to be a sunset painting. Luckily she explained what happened and are hearts just melted with hers. While Sam's girlfriend was taking the photo, two little birds interrupted their meal just to say 'Hi' to the happy couple.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari. Source: Womens Health Magazine

The mom-of-two explained they were together with quite an old couple in the same place and it was pretty adorable (her word) to see how the old woman was embarrassed because her husband wouldn't stop taking photos and filming the moment. So, Brit, we forgive you for posting such a photo, the explanation is everything we needed!

Confession #2

Britney with messy hair. Screenshot from Britney Spears Official Instagram account

Time to fix her hair. The moment Brit and Sam arrived into the island, she posted a photo of themselves in which her hair looked.... quite messy! And she knew it! She was having so much fun with her boyfriend, that hair was a thing to worry about a bit later. Well, later arrived and her time to fix it has finally arrived!

Screenshot from Britney Spears Official Instagram account

We love your hair all the time, and when in holidays, you can surely wear it as you wish, don't you worry! Just keep showing us more and more things about you!


Britney and Sam in Miami beach. Source: Too Fabulous

 Clearly love is in the air in Maui. We totally love seeing Britney enjoying the beach and relaxing. You totally deserve that!

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