The 12 best songs to forget to your ex

It's not so easy to say goodbye, but wait for a minute! Did you finally dare to put the final point? Congratulations! You're not alone, we are with you in the best and the worst, and in this opportunity, we prepare a list of songs that you can add to the playlist of the beginning of your new life. Get ready, turn on the music and keep reading!

  • Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriends inspired her to create her most successful songs.
  • Ed Sheeran's "Don't" was written for Ellie Goulding!
  • The lyrics to the song "I will survive" describe how someone finds personal strength while recovering from a breakup.

"Bye-bye darling", BORNS

Part of growing up is forgetting and putting aside resentment. Saying goodbye, but being thankful for everything you've experienced and repeating "bye-bye darling" like Garrett Clark Borns.

"Vete", Bad Bunny

If you like Latin music, you just need to know that "vete" in Spanish is the keyword to throw anyone out of your way. Sing at the top of your lungs with Bad Bunny!

"Stop crying your heart out", Oasis

Without a doubt, one of the best songs of all time. Don't be afraid and listen to the voice of Liam Gallagher. Get up and remember that tomorrow everything will be fine. 

"Stronger", Kell Clarkson

Kelly invites you to walk with your head held high and lighter, leaving the past behind and being a person who learned from mistakes.

"Shout out to my ex", Little Mix

“You made my heart break and that made me who I am”

"Sorry", Beyoncé

“Middle fingers up, put them hands high. Wave it in his face, tell him, ‘boy, bye’”

"Don't", Ed Sheeran 

Billboard magazine revealed that the catchy beat of "Don't" is about the love affair between the songwriter and Ellie Goulding. The former couple remained "like friends" for a short time, and all ended when the singer Niall Horan was caught leaving the same hotel room where the interpreter of "I need your love"!

Ed Sheeran and Ellie Goulding in the 2013 VMAs. Source: (Getty)

"I thought you were different, this is not the way you realize what you wanted"

But, in 2004, Ellie Goulding's perfect response to Ed Sheeran's "Don't" was with "On my mind". 

"You wanted my heart, but I just liked your tattoos"

"We are never getting back together", Taylor Swift

Jake Gyllenhaal couldn't imagine the revenge of Taylor Swift. After their breakup, the singer created a masterpiece that continues to top the charts of pop lovers. So get up and say at the top of your lungs: "We are never getting back together".

"Lose you to love me", Selena Gómez 

Sometimes it's necessary to lose oneself to find us again. Selena Gomez was lost after her breakup with Justin Bieber, but she knew how to get up and her song is a new anthem for singleness.

“New Rules”, Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa wisely uses music to advise her fans very well: 1) Don't pick up the phone, because you know he is calling you because he is alone; 2) Don't let him in, you will throw him out again; 3) Don't be his friend!

“Thank u next”, Ariana Grande

Maybe Ariana Grande didn't know it, but she reminded us that absolutely everyone can be replaceable. If you think a situation is no longer working, loosen up and say "thank you, next."

And what about retro songs?

Gloria Gaynor's “I Will Survive” is a 1978 anthem that continues to play around the world and is the ideal song to lift anyone's spirits.

Are you feeling better now?

Singing releases endorphins, it can help you release tension and save you from dementia, but, above all, it can become the best therapy to heal broken hearts. Have you already created your playlist? Run to hear our recommendations and leave your comments!

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