Take a sneak peek into Billie Eilish' LA home

Billie lives in a cozy house in Los Angeles. She grew up there with her family and now, because of all the history she made in the property, it's priceless. Scroll down to know everything about the singer's home! 

  • The 'Ocean Eyes' singer lives in her house with her parents. 
  • Her sibling and producer, Finneas, moved recently to a house valued in $2.73 million.
  • The property counts with many musical instruments.

The house

Billie Eilish's house.

Billie's house is in Highland Park, Los Angeles. It has about 110 square meters and was bought by her parents for 240 thousand dollars in 2001. Two of the rooms were assigned to Billie and his brother Finneas when they left childhood. 

Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas. Source: Getty Images

Finneas room turned into a recording studio in which both showed their vulnerability creating songs. This place was for sure the one that helped Billie to launch her incredible musical career. 

Music all over the place

Billie and Finneas at home

In the house, there are three pianos and other musical instruments. Eilish was raised surrounded by music since she was little!

With whom she lives

Billie's family.

Billie never stopped living with her parents, despite having a lot of money because of her career and success, she still lives with them. 

Billie and Finneas

Finneas was part of the house too, until he bought himself a new home in which the 18-year-old singer has been spending some time while they create a new album. 


Billie and her mother

It's really curious that Billie remains with her parents, all teenagers love going out from home and definitely she has the chances to do it. But for sure, she must love spending time with them, and she knows that she will have time to live alone. Do you live with your parents too? Don't miss this incredible sibling's show at home:


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