JLo and ARod in the Actor's Awards

Take a look at the fantastic mansion JLo has in The Hamptons

Who doesn't like The Hamptons? Jennifer Lopez has created a huge empire around her name and image. All of her hard work has allowed her to have some different mansions, one of them is the one in the exclusive seaside community from New York. Watch the video below to see the incredible place!

  • JLo has twins and A-Rod has two daughters with her former wife.  
  • The couple love spending time together. 
  • They all travel from one place to the other but this year they mainly stayed in The Hamptons

JLo and A-Rod are about to get married. They would already be husband and wife is it weren't for the lockdown the whole world is suffering. 

The engaged couple. Source: Getty Images

Despite owning several houses in the country, the most important ones is the one in The Hamptons.

Their house in The Hamptons. Source: Pop Sugar

The mansion is on a three acres plot of land, it has eight bedrooms and seven and a half bathrooms! The amazing place some people call heaven itself, costs $10 million! The place has a personal parking lot because they are used to receiving lots of friends all the time. The lawn is incredibly nice and cozy. Their pool is obviously heated and far away from the house in case one member of the family decides to stay late at night partying there (or reply early in the morning).

The house lawn. Source: Pop Sugar

Most of the bedrooms have a place not only for the bed but all for sofas to stay in and chat with somebody or just to relax in the very peaceful place. And last but not least, we have already learned that JLo loves cooking and even dancing while she cooks, so, of course she was going to need a great kitchen to move her hips around while preparing dinner for the whole family.

JLo's kitchen. Source: Image Stack

Clearly they have thought of every possible detail! I think the only thing they may be needing is a gym for the couple inside the house, but probably they already have one.

Jlo grew up in a very humble home in the Bronx and against all odds, a Latina, woman, took the world with a greedy passion for hard work, original ideas and amazing entertaining talent. We are proud of her and love to see her enjoying her wealth! What would you add to this amazing place? Post your comment below with your ideas!

Also, check out the place where she grew in the following video:

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