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Take a look at Jennifer Lopez's first mansion

Jennifer Lopez has many proprieties across the United States of America. However, her first mansion was the one she loved the most because of what it meant to her. Keep reading and watch the pictures of JLo's first home!

  • JLo grew up in a rather small house in the Bronx, New York.
  • The 51-year-old singer is a dancer, singer, actress and businesswoman.
  • She will marry former baseball player Alex Rodriguez in 2021.

Jennifer Lopez started off as a dancer, then as an actress and finally s a singer. After the release of her first album 'On the 6', and thanks to being on the very top of basically all the rankings, the also-actress managed to buy her first mansion.

JLo's first album cover 'On the 6'. Source: Ebay

Hence, one year later, in 2000, the singer bought her first home.

Lopez first mansion from the air. Source: Robbreport

Her dream house was located in Beverly Hills, in a gated community called 'The Summit'. The Hollywood star spent $4.3 million on it. We must always remember  she grew up in the Bronx in a two-bedroom-house, in which she used to sleep with her two sisters.

The mansion from the inside. Source: Robbreport

Well, things were changing for her, in her first 15,000 square feet mansion there were 11 bedrooms. It even had a theater! Of course, it also has a pool and spa, and a tennis court. We should not forget about the guesthouse which has its own gym with an exterior fireplace and kitchen.

The Summit guesthouse. Source: Jade Mill State

She loved the house so much, that it was the place where she got married to Marc Anthony in 2004. JLo sold it that same year. Guess what?

Today singer Gwen Steffani lives there! Obviously she has made some decorations of her own, but the house remains the same.  

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