JLo wearing a big cleavage

Take a look at Jennifer Lopez see-through dresses!

JLo has a long queue of fashion designers waiting (and even asking her) to dress her up for such an occasion as the American Music Awards. She wears every night gown in a fantastic way and fashioners know people and TV shows will talk about them for a pretty long time. Watch the video below to check out more about JLo's dresses!

  • JLo is Hollywood's best paid Latina.
  • 'Waiting for tonight singer' has a net worth of $400 million.
  • A-Rod's fiancée loves performing before huge crowds, and clearly she also loves wearing special dresses for those special nights.

We have learned throughout her long career that JLo really knows what to wear for the awards galas. People always talk not only about who won and who lost in the awards, TV programs generally speak for months about what the celebrities have chosen to wear on such special nights.

Golden Globes 2000

JLo on the Versace dress. Source: Getty Images

 Well, we have a clear example with 'Jenny from the block' singer and her Versace dress; twenty years later (really, 20!) people are still talking about that iconic green revealing dress. Some are wearing it as a costume and Tyra Banks wore a new version of it on her show 'Dancing with the stars'. Extra data: even Donatella Versace wore it herself! Apparently, nobody wants to miss that feeling. 

Donatella Versace in her Versace dress. Source: Getty Images

Billboard Latin Music Awards (2017)

Lo's back. Source: People.com

 A-Rod's wife-to-be appeared wearing a super translucent black dress by Julien Macdonald. Her unique style allows her to appear on the red carpets wearing something everybody will then be talking about, and she looks absolutely fantastic on them!

JLo wearing the super translucent dress . Source: Getty Images

Some undisclosed sources even say that Marc Anthony himself couldn't believe his eyes when he saw her.

American Music Awards 2020

Maluma and JLo. Source: Getty Images

We have learned that 'Pa ti' singer will perform together with Maluma on the American Music Awards 2020. It has been recently announced and entertainment businesspeople are already wondering what will the diva wear. Will she choose a dress with very little cloth, a very translucent one? Or a super tight gown? She will surely look amazing wearing any dress, we'll just have to wait and see what the diva decides!

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