How K-pop singers of BTS go public in secret How K-pop singers of BTS go public in secret

How K-pop singers of BTS go public in secret

It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago, BTS was still relatively unknown outside the K-pop world. Now, they are big in the United States and the world.. Thanks to their talent and catchy songs, they have become a worldwide sensation. Their fame can also be credited to their dedicated fans, called the 'ARMYs'. With this level of success, it’s clear they often have to be careful about where they go. The group, however, has figured out a few tricks they use in order to step foot outside without much commotion. Read below to find out! 

  • BTS has a collective net worth that exceeds $60 million. 
  • Their latest song, 'Dynamite', received over 7,778,950 streams within a day on Spotify. 
  • They were the most searched boy band on Google, beating out American groups like the Jonas Brothers, One Direction, and the Backstreet Boys.
BTS has experienced both positive and negative sides of fame with their unprecedented popularity. The Bangton Boys feel overwhelmed about how fans all over the world love their music. Thus, they make it their first priority to come up with the best kind of music for them.
Jimin and Jungkook having a deep conversation!

On the other hand, this much attention also makes them feel 'pressured' to act a certain way. They are well-aware of the fact that the public is watching their every move. The boys thus need to be careful in order to prevent harsh criticism and career-breaking scandals. 

The BTS members at an interview!

At this point, it is extremely difficult for BTS to go outside whenever and wherever they want. However, they have found ways to alleviate this problem and allow themselves to enjoy their normal lives. The boys try to not go out as a whole unit in order to catch less attention. 

When they go to the movies, they try to catch either the earliest or latest show as there are less people around. BTS also shop online instead of actually going to the stores. Don't you think sharing this information will highlight all their secret ways to the fans? 

In this era of stardom, it's quite difficult for celebrities live a normal with the paparazzi following them everywhere. The media should give them enough privacy that they shouldn't have to think of ways of sneaking around. All in all, we'd still love to have an inside peek into their lives from day to day. It's always interesting to see how the royals of entertainment live!

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